Month: February 2013

9) Sydney is out for lunar party fun again!

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wish u a lunar new year 01

Tonight is Lunar New Year Eve. Sydney is out for party fun again! In tradition believes, you must find someone to be with you in reunion night.

If not you’ll be stay alone forever!

Omg! How can Sydney do that to me?

In fact, I got something to plan for myself.

I have actually invite one of my girl friend to be my dancing partner tonight!

wish u a lunar new year 02

Let me proudly introduce to you, my girl friend! CoCo!

wish u a lunar new year 03

We are going to open champagne and toast it up!

Shall we start dancing and Karaoke No More lonely night?

Forget about Sydney’s lame story!

Forget about that grasshopper!

Let’s dance like a lion and wishing everybody Happy Chinese New year!

Friend (26) – My Pair of Sandals

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This pair of sandals has been with me for the past 8 years.  We have gone through life’s ups and downs, tasted the sweet and bitterness.  No regrets, I would say, cheers to what we have been through these years!

sandal 01

Thank you for being my toes protector, guardian to my feet.  You shade me from sun and rain.  Even though the coverage is not complete, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Together, we search for the greens, stroll through the years looking for hope and revival.  Staying in tune with nature, tolerated the attack of the insect troopers.  We interviewed the leaves, chat with the plants, invited trees to be our guests.  We worked as a team to be a green ambassador, rejuvenate our souls and even water the dry earth.

sandal 02

We traveled to Dubai, open our eyes and brighten our vision.  We landed on Yanggon together, shaken by their cultures and warmness.  We have seen many dark side of human and also seen many as bright as the holy land.  The sandy roads we have traveled made your body wear and tear.  The crack on your body reflected you have aged.  But you have no complaints.  I feel so sorry about it.

sandal 03

Thank you once more for what you have done for the past 8 years.  You make my life more vibrant and wonderful.  I’ll remember the many roads we have walked past.  How many stories we have shared and how may days and nights we have roamed around.  You were my true companion and going to be my friend of remembrance.  I’ll put every individual scene I could remember in my book.  Each page is linked.  It’s just like the bond of our friendship.  It’ll be penned down just like the beginning of a newborn, till your golden age, I’ll never forget.

sandal 05

I’ll remember you my friend, as a long journey companion and friend.  Thank you.

8) Why I want to break free?

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bakkwa 03

Today, Sydney arrived home saw me waiting in the gate that half opened.

He asked me how did you do that?

I replied, “I didn’t do it!”

bakkwa 02

Then he saw the Bakkwa that hang on the chair earlier this morning. Now it seems like half way hanging in the air.

He asked me again “who did that?”

I said, “The bird!”

bakkwa 04

I kept my close attention quietly of where he kept the Bakkwa and plan for my next strategy!

By courtesy of
By courtesy of

Bakkwa jerky (Sweet BBQ pork) is a must buy food for festive season. It is lean meat that has been trimmed off fat then marinates it and BBQ. This is world wide culinary delicacy; the names “Bakkwa” arise from teow chew dialect, literally means dry pork.

bakkwa 05

Bakkwa’s taste is awesome, I know! Is all written on Sydney face last night!

For that, I’ll never give up; break free for my lovely Bakkwa!

Wish me luck!

30) Caring is the core of this festive season

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hindu temple marmony 02

The hall behind the Sri Mariamman Temple is a place to offer a reunion dinner to those new immigrants and the underpriviledged.  Early days, immigrants from overseas go through hard life, many were earning token just to fill up their stomach.  So it is understandable that they live alone and did not start a family.  This temple was also used as a refuge camp to hold new immigrants.  During Chinese New Year, you will see them gather here to celebrate the festive season irregardless of race or religion.

hindu temple marmony 01

This is the front view of Sri Mariamman Temple.  It is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore.  It was founded in 1827 and built to dedicate Mariamman, a Goddess, famous for her healing power of epidemic diseases.

hindu temple marmony 03

Banana and mango leaves hanging over the temple door, welcome and purify visitors with a fresh reborn life.

hindu temple marmony 04

Mango leave will withered after a few days and closed up by itself, this symbolizes a humble society, caring for the surrounding and to make way for their passing by.

 Isn’t it sending a clear message across?  Being caring and benevolent are the cores of this festive season!

Friend (25) – I am so glad you have grown up, my friend

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friend 25-01

On 21 August 2012, I posted a post on Peacock plant under ‘My Friend’ series.  During that time, this plant was young and tender and I wish he’ll be growing happily like a kid.

friend 25-05

6 months down the road, I heard him greeting me this morning.  This one-foot tall kid greets me first thing in the morning.  Before that, I don’t really pay attention on him.  Reason being that I have too much things to care for in my secret garden.  Also, too much thing to meddle on my daily job.

friend 25-03

And to my surprise, this little kid has grown up to be a one-foot tall gentleman.  When I talk about his greetings it’s as simple as just a warm stare at each other.  I’m just too amaze about his speed of growing which is more than what I have expected!

friend 25-04

There is a Chinese saying’无心插柳柳成阴”, literally means unintentional actions may bring unexpected success.  I was truly enlightened by this word of wisdom!

friend 25-02

Again, it is a sight I am looking for in this atmosphere of spring!  It doesn’t matter how exuberant he is, or how much fruits he will be baring, I am looking at his uplifting spirits, his will to put enough effort to penetrate hardship and go through obstacles.  Fruits or flowers are just extra bonuses!

29) Arrowhead & me

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arrowhead (
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Planting arrowhead is famous among Cantonese tradition, as they believe keeping them for good luck and blessing.  Sagittaria trifolia L is the scientific name for arrowhead plant.  The name is related to the shape of the leaf when it’s mature.

arrowhead 02

In my young days, filling up pebbles or marble balls to decorate the pot is a joyful stuff to do.  When the bulbs started to shoot up, tying a red ribbon around the stem is just like putting a color of red to your coming new year.

arrowhead 05

Arrowhead bulbs can be eaten as well.  The usual way is to clean up the bulbs, slice it and fry it with sweet pork sausage.  The texture is powdery, juicy and sweet.  It is usually acceptable by most after a few try.  According to some medical report, it has some medicinal properties too.

arrowhead 03

This year, I bought the bulbs quite late and foresee it will not shoot up on time.  Nevertheless, am glad to see some new stalks turning green and some sign of growth.  I believe it is the soul of my wish and I will keep it in my secret garden.

7) What is the most atmosphere for CNY?

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rediish face 07

I’m looking for something but it is not on this red withering flower.

rediish face 08

Hairy caterpillars say, wait for me to grow up, I’ll tell you!

rediish face 05

He said, for the time being offer you a mini mandarin orange.

rediish face 03

Or a deep pocket with full itinerary.

rediish face 06

What about a blessing to carry along?

rediish face 04

Let’s make it double!

rediish face 01

Or let the water snake stick by you whole year through!

rediish face 02

And come in a pair!

Note:  One blogger mentioned to me earlier that CNY atmosphere is diminishing.  I totally agree with this!  We know we can’t change the way it is but on the other hand putting some thought and effort can change the way you perceive it.

This year is a year that is graceful to me.  Being able to spend my time blogging and sharing my thoughts with the world.  I feel I have created the atmosphere for myself and it lives in my heart.

This is the most memorable year I had!

28) More than a cup of coffee

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coffee tin 08

In the 60s, using plastic or Styrofoam cups is not a common sign comparing to the can you see in the picture.  Nobody knew who started this wise and environmental friendly idea.  Using the finished bottom-up milk tin for filling up coffee is a common scene along the street.  Some worker hang the canned.

coffee tin 05

The process of making the can useable is easy.  First open the can with a drill-opener, then allow a string to go through the hole of lid and hinge.  Next, fill up the coffee and it’s done.

coffee tin 03

The tricky and amazing part of this is to press and slide the tin a little to allow the uneven lid edge to stay closed.  Amazingly, the cover will wedge inward and you carry the canned coffee with the attached string.  You may worry about spillage but after a few practice, you can’t agree more than this ingenius invention.

coffee tin 02

Process to enjoy the coffee is similar, pressured the tin and lift up the cover.  The fragrance of the coffee is unleashed together with the smile on your face!  Whatever the beverage is, I bet you will never forget the joy and the ethos behind.

coffee tin 04

After you have done with your drink, the most important thing to do is to wedge the lid back to the can, to ensure safety to cleaner who are clearing the rubbish bin.

coffee tin 06

Conversely these days, this environmental friendly method is no longer a common way to take away hot beverages as it is regarded not glamorous to some, to carry their drinks in a used can.  Thus, the Styrofoam cups have replaced this tradition quietly.  Before this is completely replaced and left in museum, I better take one before it’s gone with the wind.

coffee tin 01

Every single part of this, the string, the sharp cover edges, the sticky milk can, and the caution to carry it along the way home, make up an un-returnable journey with sweet wisdom and a wholesome me!

27) What flowers may spring choose?

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what flowers may spring choose 08

When Lunar year arrive, you know spring is not far and potted plants start to grow from one corner to the other corner of a floral nursery.  Most of the plants are imported, this shows that spring is boundless and able to stay in every single part of the world with non-returnable journey.

For sure, buying flowers for home deco is not a tradition only for Singaporean, isn’t it good to pay something in exchange for good blessings and happiness in return.

what flowers may spring choose 01

Mandarin oranges represent great auspicious.

what flowers may spring choose 02

Gomphrena globosa, commonly known as Globe Amaranth or Bachelor Button, literally means bloom for thousand in mandarin.

what flowers may spring choose 03

Celosia cristata, commonly known as cockscomb. Chinese believes luck will crown you throughout the year.

what flowers may spring choose 10

Pineapple literally means flourishing prosperity.

what flowers may spring choose 04

Buying back a Phalaenopsis, is just like holding a national heart.

what flowers may spring choose 06

Charming Chrysanthemum offer you a charming year.

what flowers may spring choose 09

Salix argyracea means money in homonym.

what flowers may spring choose 05

Gold berry, of course the golden exterior explain every things.

what flowers may spring choose 07

Pomegranate, was believed to have the ability to cleanse and protect your house from the evil.

So, what flowers may spring choose to be his public ambassador?

26) One week before CNY, in wet market.

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noe week before wet market 01

We can feel the joy and heat coming from this wet market before Lunar New Year.  One typical characteristic of a wet market is, prices are cheap and foods are always fresh.  Unlike supermarkets where meat and seafood were usually frozen, in the wet market, vegetables, seafood, meat and other foodstuff are bought directly from wholesalers and skip the packaging process for cold storage.

Bargain is the most common language between hawker and customers.

Wet market in Singapore is segregated in wet and dry segment.  Any food you want under the sky is under one roof.

noe week before wet market 03

As CNY is just around the corner, the price of seafood will shoot up accordingly.

 noe week before wet market 14

Vegetables sold in bundle with reasonable price.

noe week before wet market 08

How can eggs be left behind where most traditional cakes can’t go without it.

noe week before wet market 04

Round pomelo makes your year all round prosperous.

noe week before wet market 09

My favorite fruit store stock up with variety of fruits with a humble price tag.

noe week before wet market 02

Sweet and sour tidbits always challenge your taste buds.

noe week before wet market 10

Nuts and traditional cookies come in loose form and authentic taste.

noe week before wet market 07

Some toiletries top-up for a fresh new year.

noe week before wet market 13

Dried stuffs and canned foods at one corner conquering the heart of every customers.

noe week before wet market 11

Happen to lose your shoes along the way?  Not to worry, just pick up one and carry on with the marketing!

noe week before wet market 05

Monster ‘Nian’ will not approach this scarlet red shop.

noe week before wet market 06

Prayer stuffs all ready for Gods and ancestors.

noe week before wet market 15

Live seafood make their stay in aquarium.

noe week before wet market 16

Pray for guardian and protection for a better year.

noe week before wet market 12

Flowers are all bloomed and ready, what about you?