Evans Lodge

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evans lodge 01Evans Lodge is a student hostel that situated at 26 Evans Road.  It is eye-catching as the exterior bear English bond brickwork makes the environment even more charming than ever.

evans lodge 02The protruding portion of the building stands up to speak up for the architectural perfection.

evans lodge 04With the enhancements of the vertical fins, it carries the upward language throughout the whole building without any doubts.

evans lodge 03The proportion of brick wall, color of texture is just too perfect matching the eyes of human level.

evans lodge 06Plantation of pine trees softens the hardiness of the concrete heart brings us a day of joy visiting this residential estate without the clutters of concrete forest.

evans lodge 05Don’t miss out this Indian Prata House next to it.  Nice Indian cuisine and it’s open 24/7.  The reason why they don’t close for business is because the doors are always open for you and the waiters are always happily waiting to serve you with their nice food!


Cherish cherry’s pictures

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cherish cherry pictures 02cherish cherry pictures 03cherish cherry pictures 04

Spotted a few cherry trees along Evans Road outside Singapore Botanic Gardens.  To my surprise, it is beaming with shinning and juicy fruits but with no birds chirping happily with their fine cuisine.  For that, I have a strong reason to believe the fruits will not taste as sweet as it looks.

Otherwise, birds would not have enough to share it with the worms and the ants would be happily singing and carrying it all the way home.

If not, these strings of ruby gems wouldn’t be hanging there like dropping musical notes, waiting for an artist to complete the beautiful song.

Or else, all these ripe and unripe cherries will be ferry all the way to the supermarket for sales.

Then, today, I wouldn’t be able to have a chance to share them with you and cherish these cherries’ pictures with all!

cherish cherry pictures 05

cherish cherry pictures 01

Dempsey Hill

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dempsey hill 02

The present Dempsey Hill was formerly known as Central Manpower Base of Singapore (CMPB) packed with British army barracks.  After eras of long services, it has turned into a new life lined with bistro and lifestyle designer shop spaces.

dempsey hill 01

The parade square was once used as a place to pick up and ferry new recruits on their first day of national service.  In my memory, I was ferried by a three-tonner military truck from this place before I started my new journey in the army.  Now, some of the barracks are instead occupy by BBQ restaurant with no traces of military soldiers.

dempsey hill 03

Some has changed over and became art museums where cultures and sculptures do their guarding jobs.

dempsey hill 04

Some revamped as supermarkets.  No more cookhouse food other than frozen pork and beef steaks!

dempsey hill 05

This place for hang-out is always a good choice for fine dining and chilling out on Fridays.  Wine and beer will never get away from the cozy lounge with beautiful architecture details.

dempsey hill 06

Lush greenery is the big selling point of Demsey Hill.  With this resort-like entertainment ground, it’s hard to recall the boorish shouting over to a recruit from an army officer, and the chisel of how army life is going to be.

The feeling between anxiety and relaxation, which one do you choose to boot-out?

He needs a clutch

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tembusu crutch 01

I spotted a Tembusu tree in the forest walk near Alexandra Arch.  This tree specie is one of the most distinctive in Singapore.  It can grow up 10m high.

tembusu crutch 02

The tree could be distinguished with its unique perpendicular branches and it has an ability to survive in poorly drained clayey soils.  Apparently, this tree in the picture shows sign of growing downward, as it it’s carrying a clutch of its own.  This could be helped by the exterior support or may be this is nature’s unique way of survival!

A Tour to Toa Payoh Town Park

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toa payoh garden 01

If you happened to ask a local, “Which particular park holds the most sweet memories in your childhood?”  I bet 9 out of 10 will give the same answer:  “It is Toa Payoh Town Park!”  If you are too young to answer this question, ask your parents then!

 Toa Payoh Town Park is sitting on the southern part of Toa Payoh Housing estate.  In the 70s, this is a place famous for outdoor wedding photography.  You will see dozen of visitors, couples, families enjoying themselves with photo shooting, having their picnic on the open grass field on weekends and public holidays.

 Today, I return here to trace back some footage of my memories for my long faded album.

toa payoh garden 02

This pond-side restaurant is one of the iconic landmarks on this piece of greenery.  To hold a wedding dinner, celebrate an event is not uncommon here and it’s exclusive in those days.

toa payoh garden 09

The brick-tiled broadway has been witnessed by many couples and happy families throughout their entire life.

toa payoh garden 03

The preceding willows replaced by reeds blend so naturally well with the clever thoughts of the landscape designers.

toa payoh garden 04

A snake-like design bridge with bolt nuts-like balustrade, give weight to recollection of certain bits and pieces of our faded memories.

toa payoh garden 05

The 2 curvy stone bridges are the pioneers in this green community.

toa payoh garden 06

The ‘Bottle Brush’ trees are the most humble and gentlemen around.

toa payoh garden 08

This 4-storey viewing tower is one most significant feature in this land.  In the past, it was a joyful twirl walking up to the top of the floor to catch the bird-eye view of the entire garden.  But in the present, we look for elevators or escalators to fulfill this task.

This park is filled with breeze and songs of bees.  Last and not least, you’ll bump into a jaywalker like me!

Green Roof

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green roof 01

When we enter the lobby of this green pavilion at Botany Centre (Singapore Botanic Gardens), you see a stretch of timber walkway covered by ripple of greens on the top of the roof.  This special feature not only rejuvenate the gardens but also provides the objective of the green pitch roof.

green roof 02

You don’t find any special elements underside of the pitch roof.  But, by enjoying the reflection of the pond on the ceiling might be a bonus to understand how nature interacts among them.

green roof 03

Either gets a faraway distant angle from the Green Pavilion, or another option is to reach the 2nd floor of the pavilion to get a closer look of the green roof.

green roof 04

With the help of lushly covered plants decrease the temperature of the room beneath, obviously also decrease the energy generated.  It is no doubt, green roof are widely adopted eco concept and globally well received in the world.  Then again, did we take this eco steps for granted?  When you enter this blissful green land, the cooling and refreshing ambience don’t come along without the effort of green hands behind.  Without them, we won’t have a chance to enjoy a green and blue combination of this horizon of landscapes.  Should we thankful for that?

Crouching Tiger and the Hidden Dragon Pt 2

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crouching tiger 10

One blogger put up a request to me for more pictures of these wooden tree stump sculptures displayed at the Green Pavilion, Singapore Botanic Gardens.

In fact, some of the sculptures were also placed as an art deco at the lobby.  This is the one placed as a backdrop of the counter.  No visitors would dare to confront the counter staff with the three dragons behind them.  Perhaps, visitors may have mistaken them for the real ones and wonder why the dragons are let loose from their enclosures.

crouching tiger 11

Do you fancy two gigantic lizards crawling on top of your head?

 crouching tiger 12

A miniature Godzilla having a good life here!

crouching tiger 13

I still can’t figure out what animal is this?  Could it be an eagle?

crouching tiger 17

Is that real? Is up to you to judge!

crouching tiger 15

Are these pumpkins?  What are they doing here after the harvest, waiting for the next Halloween?

crouching tiger 16

Just relax and take a sit, while you enjoy the works of art with our hands, provided by nature.

Why are they so busy in the Eco Garden?

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Eco garden 01

It takes approximately 3 minutes to reach the Eco Garden in Singapore Botanic Gardens from the Botanic Gardens MRT. It is a worthwhile trip for a visitor to have a glimpse of the celebrities and fun makers!

At the same time you must be wondering what are they doing and why are they so busy?

So let’s do a survey…

Eco garden 02

Some busy on sprouting their new generation.

Eco garden 03

Some busy on preparing ‘Singapore’s Beauty Contest’.

Eco garden 05

Some are still adjusting the costumes or trying to be a ‘copy duck’.

Eco garden 04

So busy to the extent forget about the leg.

Eco garden 07

Some busy on searching, with what?

Eco garden 08

Some busy on cleaning up the water…

Eco garden 09

Some busy on the ground…

Eco garden 10

Some busy on the road…

Eco garden 11

Some busy on the grass…

Eco garden 06

Some still busy on wandering and wondering…

Eco garden 12

Wondering why some just busy on watching…

Friend (25) – I am so glad you have grown up, my friend

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friend 25-01

On 21 August 2012, I posted a post on Peacock plant under ‘My Friend’ series.  During that time, this plant was young and tender and I wish he’ll be growing happily like a kid.

friend 25-05

6 months down the road, I heard him greeting me this morning.  This one-foot tall kid greets me first thing in the morning.  Before that, I don’t really pay attention on him.  Reason being that I have too much things to care for in my secret garden.  Also, too much thing to meddle on my daily job.

friend 25-03

And to my surprise, this little kid has grown up to be a one-foot tall gentleman.  When I talk about his greetings it’s as simple as just a warm stare at each other.  I’m just too amaze about his speed of growing which is more than what I have expected!

friend 25-04

There is a Chinese saying’无心插柳柳成阴”, literally means unintentional actions may bring unexpected success.  I was truly enlightened by this word of wisdom!

friend 25-02

Again, it is a sight I am looking for in this atmosphere of spring!  It doesn’t matter how exuberant he is, or how much fruits he will be baring, I am looking at his uplifting spirits, his will to put enough effort to penetrate hardship and go through obstacles.  Fruits or flowers are just extra bonuses!

29) Arrowhead & me

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arrowhead (
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Planting arrowhead is famous among Cantonese tradition, as they believe keeping them for good luck and blessing.  Sagittaria trifolia L is the scientific name for arrowhead plant.  The name is related to the shape of the leaf when it’s mature.

arrowhead 02

In my young days, filling up pebbles or marble balls to decorate the pot is a joyful stuff to do.  When the bulbs started to shoot up, tying a red ribbon around the stem is just like putting a color of red to your coming new year.

arrowhead 05

Arrowhead bulbs can be eaten as well.  The usual way is to clean up the bulbs, slice it and fry it with sweet pork sausage.  The texture is powdery, juicy and sweet.  It is usually acceptable by most after a few try.  According to some medical report, it has some medicinal properties too.

arrowhead 03

This year, I bought the bulbs quite late and foresee it will not shoot up on time.  Nevertheless, am glad to see some new stalks turning green and some sign of growth.  I believe it is the soul of my wish and I will keep it in my secret garden.