27) What flowers may spring choose?

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what flowers may spring choose 08

When Lunar year arrive, you know spring is not far and potted plants start to grow from one corner to the other corner of a floral nursery.  Most of the plants are imported, this shows that spring is boundless and able to stay in every single part of the world with non-returnable journey.

For sure, buying flowers for home deco is not a tradition only for Singaporean, isn’t it good to pay something in exchange for good blessings and happiness in return.

what flowers may spring choose 01

Mandarin oranges represent great auspicious.

what flowers may spring choose 02

Gomphrena globosa, commonly known as Globe Amaranth or Bachelor Button, literally means bloom for thousand in mandarin.

what flowers may spring choose 03

Celosia cristata, commonly known as cockscomb. Chinese believes luck will crown you throughout the year.

what flowers may spring choose 10

Pineapple literally means flourishing prosperity.

what flowers may spring choose 04

Buying back a Phalaenopsis, is just like holding a national heart.

what flowers may spring choose 06

Charming Chrysanthemum offer you a charming year.

what flowers may spring choose 09

Salix argyracea means money in homonym.

what flowers may spring choose 05

Gold berry, of course the golden exterior explain every things.

what flowers may spring choose 07

Pomegranate, was believed to have the ability to cleanse and protect your house from the evil.

So, what flowers may spring choose to be his public ambassador?


6) I saw my parents this morning

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temple 01

To day, my family and me spent half a day doing prayer to my ancestors and deceased parents. The little Buddhist temple located at Paya Lebar road, where tranquil and serenity lived.

temple 02

This is the place for holding the prayer for the deceased and the tablets. My parents are somewhere at the left near the front.

But strangely, I couldn’t see them!

temple 03

I walked to the back yard, saw a young papaya tree waved and said hello to me.

temple 06

And walked further, asked Phalaenopsis,” where are my parents?”

She just smiled at me in return.

temple 07

I asked the pearl drop, do you know where are my dearest parents?

temple 05

I approached the aging bench.

temple 08

I feel a balmy and gentle hand pat on my shoulder, and I looked up.

I saw daylight resting on the leaves. I saw them!

temple 04

Dad and Mom said:” son, not to worry about us! We have friends, many friends here! You should take good care of yourself and live meaningfully each day!”

I kept nodding in sob.

temple 12

Raindrops witnessed and shared with me this moment.

My dearest Dad and Mom, I missed you!