New Year

10) Wishes in Lunar New Year

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lunar wishes 01

Today is the first day of Chinese New Year. I managed to set up a simple offer to the Lord of Heaven.

These fruits and Nian GaoNew Year cake are to show my appreciation for the past one year in Safe and Healthy condition.

And also, thank you divine, protect me for the past one year.

lunar wishes 02

Hope that in this coming 2013, I’ll be able to learn how to cherish simple food, knowing more about gratitude,

looking more things at the bright side!

lunar wishes 03

And finally, peace in the mind, peace in the world!


9) Sydney is out for lunar party fun again!

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wish u a lunar new year 01

Tonight is Lunar New Year Eve. Sydney is out for party fun again! In tradition believes, you must find someone to be with you in reunion night.

If not you’ll be stay alone forever!

Omg! How can Sydney do that to me?

In fact, I got something to plan for myself.

I have actually invite one of my girl friend to be my dancing partner tonight!

wish u a lunar new year 02

Let me proudly introduce to you, my girl friend! CoCo!

wish u a lunar new year 03

We are going to open champagne and toast it up!

Shall we start dancing and Karaoke No More lonely night?

Forget about Sydney’s lame story!

Forget about that grasshopper!

Let’s dance like a lion and wishing everybody Happy Chinese New year!

30) Caring is the core of this festive season

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hindu temple marmony 02

The hall behind the Sri Mariamman Temple is a place to offer a reunion dinner to those new immigrants and the underpriviledged.  Early days, immigrants from overseas go through hard life, many were earning token just to fill up their stomach.  So it is understandable that they live alone and did not start a family.  This temple was also used as a refuge camp to hold new immigrants.  During Chinese New Year, you will see them gather here to celebrate the festive season irregardless of race or religion.

hindu temple marmony 01

This is the front view of Sri Mariamman Temple.  It is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore.  It was founded in 1827 and built to dedicate Mariamman, a Goddess, famous for her healing power of epidemic diseases.

hindu temple marmony 03

Banana and mango leaves hanging over the temple door, welcome and purify visitors with a fresh reborn life.

hindu temple marmony 04

Mango leave will withered after a few days and closed up by itself, this symbolizes a humble society, caring for the surrounding and to make way for their passing by.

 Isn’t it sending a clear message across?  Being caring and benevolent are the cores of this festive season!

17) Whose Footprints are those?

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By courtesy of
(A) By courtesy of
By courtesy of
(B) By courtesy of
By courtesy of
(C) By courtesy of
(D) By courtesy of
(E) By courtesy of
(E) By courtesy of
(F) By courtesy of
(F) By courtesy of

 (A) Deer

(B) Squirrel

(C) Mallard Duck

(D) Penguin

(E) Red Grouse

(F) Snow Art

2013 foot prt 01

Happy New Year in Advance!