Day: February 23, 2013

Tree in the staircases

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There are plenty of scenes to enjoy in plant world.  We can stroll along the forest, watching wild plants lavishly growing under the sky or make a trip to the garden watching the sunray seeping through the leaves in between.

But this dedicated scene was captured at the border of the Orchard district outside the SOTA.


This is just a tree and it is just one tree!

Standing alone and above all, together with this sleek building.  Encompassed with grandeur where buildings, staircases and even roads have to give way to him.  It must be an unusual tree, I believe.  Given the careful design of the surrounding, I’m sure this tree must have some history behind to share.


Shadow of the tree shades the building from the sun, and the wall naturally washed-out by nature’s providence.


Huge tree is growing larger than it’s expected.  How are they going to make way for their soaring height?


Inconspicuous aluminum air-vents allow the rooting of the plant to breathe.

It’s great to see this tree being retained by the authority concerned and be part of our nation.  And even more glad, to see green mind blossoming within a city!