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18 or 36?

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Wife to drunken husband: From now on, if your lips touch liquor, you will never touch mine. What are you thinking?

Husband: Deciding, 18 year old scotch or 36 year old lips ..

Cougar Song

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merry christmas 01

When I was just a little boy

I asked my Kor Kor what will I be

Will I be handsome will I be rich

Here’s what he said to me


Hey Cougar Cougar

Whatever will be will be

The future’s not ours to see

Hey Cougar Cougar

What will be will be

cougar song 04

When I grew up and fell in love

I asked my sweet heart what’s life ahead

Will we have chasing day after day

Here’s what my sweet heart said


Hey Cougar Cougar

Whatever will be will be

The future’s not ours to see

Hey Cougar Cougar

What will be will be


Now I have rugby of my own

They ask my Kor Kor what will I be

Will I be naughty will I be free

I tell them happily


Hey Cougar Cougar

Whatever will be will be

The future’s not ours to see

Hey Cougar Cougar

What will be will be

Hey Cougar Cougar


(Kor Kor literally means elder brother in local dialect, it’s referring me)

Humorous Observations

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The sign that you are in love is when you start searching for cheapest mobile plan.


The difference between the young age and old age is when all your Darling’s phone numbers have been replaced with Doctor’s phone numbers.


In the Young age you feel you have infinite life ahead of you and In the old age you start seeing the end this infinite life.


The popularity of Facebook is exploited on the principle that people are always more interested in other people’s life than their own.

How to survive?

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Husband was seriously ill.
Doc told wife: Give him healthy breakfast, be pleasant & in good mood.
don’t discuss your problems, no TV serial,
don’t demand new clothes & gold jewels.
Do this for 1 yr & he will be okay!
On the way home…
Husband asked: what did the doc said ?
Wife replied: No chance for you to survive!

9) Sydney is out for lunar party fun again!

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wish u a lunar new year 01

Tonight is Lunar New Year Eve. Sydney is out for party fun again! In tradition believes, you must find someone to be with you in reunion night.

If not you’ll be stay alone forever!

Omg! How can Sydney do that to me?

In fact, I got something to plan for myself.

I have actually invite one of my girl friend to be my dancing partner tonight!

wish u a lunar new year 02

Let me proudly introduce to you, my girl friend! CoCo!

wish u a lunar new year 03

We are going to open champagne and toast it up!

Shall we start dancing and Karaoke No More lonely night?

Forget about Sydney’s lame story!

Forget about that grasshopper!

Let’s dance like a lion and wishing everybody Happy Chinese New year!

8) Why I want to break free?

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bakkwa 03

Today, Sydney arrived home saw me waiting in the gate that half opened.

He asked me how did you do that?

I replied, “I didn’t do it!”

bakkwa 02

Then he saw the Bakkwa that hang on the chair earlier this morning. Now it seems like half way hanging in the air.

He asked me again “who did that?”

I said, “The bird!”

bakkwa 04

I kept my close attention quietly of where he kept the Bakkwa and plan for my next strategy!

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Bakkwa jerky (Sweet BBQ pork) is a must buy food for festive season. It is lean meat that has been trimmed off fat then marinates it and BBQ. This is world wide culinary delicacy; the names “Bakkwa” arise from teow chew dialect, literally means dry pork.

bakkwa 05

Bakkwa’s taste is awesome, I know! Is all written on Sydney face last night!

For that, I’ll never give up; break free for my lovely Bakkwa!

Wish me luck!

19) The most creative and wonderful creatures

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I love watching both western and Asian ghost movies.  These movies don’t scare me out of my butt but cheers me up.  I’m not drawn by the scary costumes or distorted features but rather by the dramatic, or should I say the creative and elusive form of it.

I observe and make study about their special characteristic and the way they portray themselves.  They come out with different attributes as I conclude them as follows…

Note:  This is under PG(Parental Guidance) category.

ghost 01

Some take indoor sky diving as a hobby.

ghost 02

Some come knocking on your door after the Tsunami.

ghost 06

Some habitually crawl out to have fun with human.

ghost 04

Some never let his arms rest in peace.

ghost 05

Some had flop cosmetic surgery.

ghost 08

Some are as handsome as ‘Blood Pit’.

ghost 07

Some come and lure you in the form of sweet candy.

ghost 03

Some I strongly believe they have come a long way….

14) Jokes of the day by Off the Leash FaceBook

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