Day: February 26, 2013

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Sydney introduces a talented poet to everyone today!
Wishing everyone a great Health and Beautiful Soul!

River of the heart


When the flowers,
are sleeping,
in their own shadows,
of the moonless night,
am just awakening,
in the dream,
ablaze with blossom.

//Can you see the shadow of this poem? I have written the hidden questions, i.e. who has become the shadow? Or is the shadow a tunnel to meet ourselves in another World? The moon here has been implicated too to return to her own shadow. One might ask where does the shadow comes from if there is a total darkness, and the answer is revealed when we look up into the sky of the cloudless night. //


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Every end marks a new beginning

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talipot palm 01

The rare Talipot Palm (Corypha umbraculifera) is flowering for the first and the last time after 80 years of growth.

talipot palm 02

Over the next few months, it will produce some 24 million tiny flowers, and hopefully some seed, before it finally withers (by courtesy of Singapore Botanic Gardens).

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If life ends with 24 million of flowers in exchange of a new dream, it’s just like the story of fireworks; it ends and relives our hope again!