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Postbox collections of Singapore

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These postbox collections of Singapore, from the British Colonial days until the present.

po box collection 01


po box collection 02


po box collection 03


po box collection 04


The saga of a lovely Saga tree

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saga tree 02

Saga tree (Adenanthera pavonina) is one of the top popular trees in Singapore.  By saying that, we wish to imagine its presence but sometimes without even knowing its existence.

saga tree 01

The Saga tree is hardy and fast growing species.  It can grow like a giant in 15-20m tall and widely spread out to provide shade and like a welcoming kind father.

Bu courtesy of
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The fruits pods of this tree contain scarlet seeds, each of the 4 seeds make up 1 gram.  In the past, it is widely used on gold and silver as a weight measurement.

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The red seeds are a well-know love seeds among all warm and solicitude heart.  Some like to collect it and store it up in bottle for their love ones.  Some prefer to stitch it up forming a necklace and some place it to form a heart-shape.

saga tree 02

saga tree 04

This Saga tree is located at Botanic gardens.  He treated his fern fans as his own family.  Surrounded with their friendship and love.  They lived together and share the wide blue sky.  Spreading love-seeds to passer-bys, it also naturalized through out Malaysia and Africa.  This is the core soul of Saga tree, the saga never fail to entice!

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Sydney introduces a talented poet to everyone today!
Wishing everyone a great Health and Beautiful Soul!

River of the heart


When the flowers,
are sleeping,
in their own shadows,
of the moonless night,
am just awakening,
in the dream,
ablaze with blossom.

//Can you see the shadow of this poem? I have written the hidden questions, i.e. who has become the shadow? Or is the shadow a tunnel to meet ourselves in another World? The moon here has been implicated too to return to her own shadow. One might ask where does the shadow comes from if there is a total darkness, and the answer is revealed when we look up into the sky of the cloudless night. //


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Every end marks a new beginning

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talipot palm 01

The rare Talipot Palm (Corypha umbraculifera) is flowering for the first and the last time after 80 years of growth.

talipot palm 02

Over the next few months, it will produce some 24 million tiny flowers, and hopefully some seed, before it finally withers (by courtesy of Singapore Botanic Gardens).

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If life ends with 24 million of flowers in exchange of a new dream, it’s just like the story of fireworks; it ends and relives our hope again!

Spring has come

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spring has come 02

Spring has come.

From all direction, outside the door step.

Along the street.

Waving at you!

spring has come 08

An unknown tree, but old pals!

Always cheer me up on the street, from one end to another.

 spring has come 09

It comes from the top.

spring has come 05

It comes from the side.

spring has come 10

It comes from all direction!

spring has come 06

Since he was young and silent.

spring has come 03

Now he  has grown up as Laughter!

spring has come 04

And they group together as Cheerleading!

spring has come 07

They sing loudly!

They are everywhere!

In spring!

A corner of the Park

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park member 02

Gardener always remain low and contribute so much effort to maintain the cleanliness of the park.  They are always doing their job without any spotlight flashing on them.  So, when you happen to pass-by them, do mind your step to give them your respect and status they deserved.  They might be as low as grass, as tiny as sand, but they are equal on earth.

park member 03

Sunlight and dropping leaves are the most favorable subjects on their stage of life.

park member 05

Sometime they have to hide themselves in the lush to exchange the bowl of rice on their table.

park member 06

An endless sweeping job day and night, through months and years.  Are we able to take over them?

park member 04

You can be a jaywalker, but have your grace and don’t litter around.

park member 01

As there are many CCTV security systems watching you at everywhere you step on.

Tree in the staircases

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There are plenty of scenes to enjoy in plant world.  We can stroll along the forest, watching wild plants lavishly growing under the sky or make a trip to the garden watching the sunray seeping through the leaves in between.

But this dedicated scene was captured at the border of the Orchard district outside the SOTA.


This is just a tree and it is just one tree!

Standing alone and above all, together with this sleek building.  Encompassed with grandeur where buildings, staircases and even roads have to give way to him.  It must be an unusual tree, I believe.  Given the careful design of the surrounding, I’m sure this tree must have some history behind to share.


Shadow of the tree shades the building from the sun, and the wall naturally washed-out by nature’s providence.


Huge tree is growing larger than it’s expected.  How are they going to make way for their soaring height?


Inconspicuous aluminum air-vents allow the rooting of the plant to breathe.

It’s great to see this tree being retained by the authority concerned and be part of our nation.  And even more glad, to see green mind blossoming within a city!