Day: February 24, 2013

A corner of the Park

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park member 02

Gardener always remain low and contribute so much effort to maintain the cleanliness of the park.  They are always doing their job without any spotlight flashing on them.  So, when you happen to pass-by them, do mind your step to give them your respect and status they deserved.  They might be as low as grass, as tiny as sand, but they are equal on earth.

park member 03

Sunlight and dropping leaves are the most favorable subjects on their stage of life.

park member 05

Sometime they have to hide themselves in the lush to exchange the bowl of rice on their table.

park member 06

An endless sweeping job day and night, through months and years.  Are we able to take over them?

park member 04

You can be a jaywalker, but have your grace and don’t litter around.

park member 01

As there are many CCTV security systems watching you at everywhere you step on.