Day: February 5, 2013

29) Arrowhead & me

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Planting arrowhead is famous among Cantonese tradition, as they believe keeping them for good luck and blessing.  Sagittaria trifolia L is the scientific name for arrowhead plant.  The name is related to the shape of the leaf when it’s mature.

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In my young days, filling up pebbles or marble balls to decorate the pot is a joyful stuff to do.  When the bulbs started to shoot up, tying a red ribbon around the stem is just like putting a color of red to your coming new year.

arrowhead 05

Arrowhead bulbs can be eaten as well.  The usual way is to clean up the bulbs, slice it and fry it with sweet pork sausage.  The texture is powdery, juicy and sweet.  It is usually acceptable by most after a few try.  According to some medical report, it has some medicinal properties too.

arrowhead 03

This year, I bought the bulbs quite late and foresee it will not shoot up on time.  Nevertheless, am glad to see some new stalks turning green and some sign of growth.  I believe it is the soul of my wish and I will keep it in my secret garden.