Friend 30 – Raindrops, 雨点

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friend 30 -01I’m so glad to see rainfall after 10 days of smoggy experience.  The rain touches the ground, the colorless water colored the pale and grayish land where we lived.


friend 30 -02We smell the nature gratefully.  We saw the smiley plants and flowers, and the relief of the concrete floor dancing with smoke.


friend 30 -04We saw peoples happily hiding under the roof.  We heard thunder visiting by the window side, witnessed the birth of rain from the sky.


friend 30 -03I felt something moving in my heart.  Shouldn’t we realize, shouldn’t we cherish the piece of land we are living?


The unbearable lightness of Tree

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Balsa tree is the most lightweight wood in the world.  It grows in the tropical forest of America; the weight is one-tenth over the same volume of others.  It was therefore also given the name ‘Light wood’.

 Balsa is one of the fastest growing trees in the world.  The tree trunk is huge and tall, leaf like Phoenix tree, and it’s green all year round.

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It has a wide range of application.  Just to name a few, it can be produced into bottle’s cock; life saving items; electricity insulation and soundproof acoustics.

 The balsa wood is also an ideal material for construction of aerospace and marine engineering.

 This light tree is just right to reflect the unbearable lightness of being ‘The Tree’.


A tale of Orang Laut and Singapore River

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orang laut 01According to legend based on the history of pre-Rafflesian time of Singapore, Orang Laut or Sea Gypsies was the communities who lived ‘in the numerous bays, inlets ad creeks surrounding Singapore.’

 Half of them lived on water, in little canoes that could scarcely stretch themselves.  The water lodgings were equipped with 1 or 2 cooking pots, earthy jars and mats made of pandanus leaves that allowed shading from sun and rain.

Major-General William Farquhar

They spent most of their time on boat, where birth, marriage and death took place therein.  As they were accustomed to life on the boat, they are easily recognized with their wadding gait on land.

  The other half of these people lived in huts on the banks near Kallang River and at the wider portion of Singapore River.

  During the times of British settlement, Major-General William Farquhar (1774-1839), the First Resident and Commandant of Singapore was appalled by the Orang Laut wearing no clothes, so he distributed money, clothes and rice to them.  Their children were terrified by the newcomers, merchants, laborers from all over the world.

One even jumped into the sea and got drowned when people approached near their boats.

And now, if you attempted to jump into the water, hoping to stay closer to the legendary tale, I think that is the only best reason I could agree upon.

orang laut 02

Why leaves always come with pointed tip?

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The shape of a leaf is just like human being, born of different kinds of shapes and sizes.  Different shapes like round, sword, oval, heart, diamond and spoon etc.  But, majority of the similarities are derived from the sharp pointed tip.

Why is it that most of the tips are pointed than others?

countdown party 10Reason being that when water drops on the surface of the leaf, it will be absorbed as much as so.  The remains of the droplets will be discharged as fast as it can to save the leaf from rotting.

Nature has design the pointed tips for water to be channeled easily and disperse the extras as fast as it could be to the ground for the survival of other life.

Take a piece of cake just enough for yourself, and share the rest with others.  This is the moral of the story that we should learn from nature.

A corner of MacRitchie Reservoir

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submerge boardway 02The purpose of construction a submerged boardwalk at MacRitchie Reservoir Park is to filter rainwater from the surrounding through plants and stone beds.  It acts like a filtration system to channel cleaner water into the reservoir.

At the same time, fun walker can have close contact with beautiful insects like dragonflies, damselflies and other aquatic life surrounding the area.

submerge boardway 01No pets and footwear are allowed on the shallow water.  If that is the case, why not hand carry your pet and they’ll love you more than ever!

submerge boardway 03At times, helicopter-like damselfly may zoom across with their horizontal propellers.

submerge boardway 04submerge boardway 05Some are thoroughly in action while some are lone ranger.

submerge boardway 10Some are so insignificant but plays and important part to purify the water for our usage.

submerge boardway 07Some are living quietly without any titles.

submerge boardway 08Some water fairies whispering by the waterside.

submerge boardway 09This is just a corner of the park, but never neglect the rest!

What a sparking day at Punggol Promenade

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fiber optics lighting 01“Lalang” in Malay, common name has known as blady grass. This special fibre-optics Lalang lights beautifully blend in with the lalang plants along the Sungei Serangoon. It’s supported by refine metal conduit pipes, skillfully curved it with a warm and cozy feeling for park-goers.

fiber optics lighting 02Besides lighting up in the night, I have another eyes for the sunlight grow on this particular lighting’s body.

fiber optics lighting 03As the sun goes higher and higher, the hot spot getting brighter and brighter.

fiber optics lighting 04The inner is support by metal pipes and outside wrapped by hard rubber.

fiber optics lighting 05A magical blur effect beautifully blends with the assorted colors.

fiber optics lighting 06Some look like stainless steel.

fiber optics lighting 07Some look like gold.

fiber optics lighting 08Some look like platinum.

fiber optics lighting 09And some mixed.

fiber optics lighting 10Most importantly, they are there together sharing a sparking day with us!

Something fit for a vegan

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vegetariaan food 05

I had an awesome vegetarian meal at Beets located at 22 Dempsey Road.  This unique restaurant offers a variety of high quality and creative range of food fits for non-meat eaters.

vegetariaan food 06

The foods and the lounge setting are equally refine, a new definition of modern vegetarian cuisine you must experience.

vegetariaan food 04

Tofu Burger

This is one of the signature dishes.  The seaweed tofu burger served toasted with grilled pumpkin, truffle aioli, relish and pumpkin crackers are enough to make your mouth water and wanting more from every bite.

vegetariaan food 03

Butternut Squash

This dish may look bare but it comes with a taste you’ll never forget.  Baby roquette, grilled butternut squash and tofu served with sambal olek dressing.  The sweet, sour combination come just too perfect with the leaves.  You will never let go this mouthful experience.

vegetariaan food 02

Char-grilled Vegetable Platter

A mixture of grilled vegetables come with a fresh selection of red and green pepper, Portobello mushroom, asparagus, roma tomato, corn and Bombay onion complete with the homemade garlic aioli.  One of the most delicate dishes on the table, the crunchiness of the asparagus and the fragrant of the freshly grilled greens with a spray of flower petals will lure you back to the next visit.  The edible flowers is new to my taste buds, It’s hard to resist the next trip there!

vegetariaan food 07

The restaurant is located at the entrance of Dempsey Road.  Operation hour for lunch is 12pm to 3pm and 6pm-11pm for dinner.

For a stylist and healthy meal, this is the right choice.  Just chill out..