Day: February 3, 2013

28) More than a cup of coffee

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coffee tin 08

In the 60s, using plastic or Styrofoam cups is not a common sign comparing to the can you see in the picture.  Nobody knew who started this wise and environmental friendly idea.  Using the finished bottom-up milk tin for filling up coffee is a common scene along the street.  Some worker hang the canned.

coffee tin 05

The process of making the can useable is easy.  First open the can with a drill-opener, then allow a string to go through the hole of lid and hinge.  Next, fill up the coffee and it’s done.

coffee tin 03

The tricky and amazing part of this is to press and slide the tin a little to allow the uneven lid edge to stay closed.  Amazingly, the cover will wedge inward and you carry the canned coffee with the attached string.  You may worry about spillage but after a few practice, you can’t agree more than this ingenius invention.

coffee tin 02

Process to enjoy the coffee is similar, pressured the tin and lift up the cover.  The fragrance of the coffee is unleashed together with the smile on your face!  Whatever the beverage is, I bet you will never forget the joy and the ethos behind.

coffee tin 04

After you have done with your drink, the most important thing to do is to wedge the lid back to the can, to ensure safety to cleaner who are clearing the rubbish bin.

coffee tin 06

Conversely these days, this environmental friendly method is no longer a common way to take away hot beverages as it is regarded not glamorous to some, to carry their drinks in a used can.  Thus, the Styrofoam cups have replaced this tradition quietly.  Before this is completely replaced and left in museum, I better take one before it’s gone with the wind.

coffee tin 01

Every single part of this, the string, the sharp cover edges, the sticky milk can, and the caution to carry it along the way home, make up an un-returnable journey with sweet wisdom and a wholesome me!