Day: February 6, 2013

Friend (25) – I am so glad you have grown up, my friend

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friend 25-01

On 21 August 2012, I posted a post on Peacock plant under ‘My Friend’ series.  During that time, this plant was young and tender and I wish he’ll be growing happily like a kid.

friend 25-05

6 months down the road, I heard him greeting me this morning.  This one-foot tall kid greets me first thing in the morning.  Before that, I don’t really pay attention on him.  Reason being that I have too much things to care for in my secret garden.  Also, too much thing to meddle on my daily job.

friend 25-03

And to my surprise, this little kid has grown up to be a one-foot tall gentleman.  When I talk about his greetings it’s as simple as just a warm stare at each other.  I’m just too amaze about his speed of growing which is more than what I have expected!

friend 25-04

There is a Chinese saying’无心插柳柳成阴”, literally means unintentional actions may bring unexpected success.  I was truly enlightened by this word of wisdom!

friend 25-02

Again, it is a sight I am looking for in this atmosphere of spring!  It doesn’t matter how exuberant he is, or how much fruits he will be baring, I am looking at his uplifting spirits, his will to put enough effort to penetrate hardship and go through obstacles.  Fruits or flowers are just extra bonuses!