Day: February 18, 2013

11) Spending a week with Miss Coco

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coco 01

When Miss Coco gets ready to pack up and go home, I left all her belonging on the sofa, and she seems strange to me.

She sat quietly by her belongings and stayed at the corner for hours without her usual jumping up and down and wriggling her tail seeking for hugs.  This is unusual scene, it reminded me of the song by John Denver “I’m leaving`on the jet plane”.  When a new journey is beginning, there may be something you can’t bear to leave behind.

coco 02

Coco needs special diet advised by her vet.  So, pan fried pork with potatoes and beans are must for her daily two meals.  Whenever I am preparing her meal, Coco will not be the one sitting on my feet but it is our greedy Cougar instead.

She stayed away from me not because of my cooking style but because of this clumsy monster (Mr Cougar) trying to dash for the first hand meal.

coco 03

When I’m done with the meal, I have to segregate the two by using the timber gate.  Cougar will try to force his way through the gate for a bite of the meat.  I have to deter him and at the same time cajole Miss Coco to sit tight, enjoy her meal without worries.  Miss Coco will munch her meal bit by bit just like enjoying herself in a posh restaurant.  While she maintain her civilized personality, she enjoyed the ‘lion roar’ at the same time behind the wooden gate.

coco 05

This little princess is different from my rugged Mr Cougar.  One so rough, the other so gentle.  One is a rugby player, the other one a ballet dancer.

That is why when she knew she’s returning home, she started guarding her belongings and waited for her owner to arrive.  This is the only reason I could figure out.

coco 04

Man best friends undoubtedly have strong senses.  She may be able to sense her owner 10 miles away who can’t wait to fly home soon to see her.  Or she may be feeling glad she is leaving us soon…

Whatever is her reason, I thanked her for spending her time with us.  The 7 days is not a long time but the memory is going to be forever.

Lastly, Miss Coco allowed me to have her picture posted without copyrights.

I hope to see you around, but I’m not sure if you feel the same…