Day: February 21, 2013

61) Who are they footing outside Singapore Botanic Gardens

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outside SBG 10

We always stumbled over the grand entrance whenever we enter a brand new tourist spot.  The next moment we just can’t wait to see the new adventures coming your way.  So gate crash!

And we ignored the little fairies calling outside the entrance that made up the big picture as a whole.

This may happen in Singapore Botanic Gardens but not the way I perceive it.

outside SBG 01

They are not invisible, they are just lying low.

outside SBG 04

They are as gorgeous as fairy.

outside SBG 05

They are the encyclopedias in silent I should read.

outside SBG 13

So who are they…?

outside SBG 08

Some I don’t know, some I knew, but most importantly, they need to be known!

outside SBG 09

Young ginger changing himself in blush!

outside SBG 02

Banana flower dressing up in pink!!

outside SBG 03

Floating musical notes!!!

outside SBG 11

Listen to the Weeping Tea tree’s calling!!!!

outside SBG 07

Where are your bamboo friends, My Bamboo Orchid?

Bring them outside the fence. We need more fans!!!!!