Day: February 8, 2013

8) Why I want to break free?

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bakkwa 03

Today, Sydney arrived home saw me waiting in the gate that half opened.

He asked me how did you do that?

I replied, “I didn’t do it!”

bakkwa 02

Then he saw the Bakkwa that hang on the chair earlier this morning. Now it seems like half way hanging in the air.

He asked me again “who did that?”

I said, “The bird!”

bakkwa 04

I kept my close attention quietly of where he kept the Bakkwa and plan for my next strategy!

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Bakkwa jerky (Sweet BBQ pork) is a must buy food for festive season. It is lean meat that has been trimmed off fat then marinates it and BBQ. This is world wide culinary delicacy; the names “Bakkwa” arise from teow chew dialect, literally means dry pork.

bakkwa 05

Bakkwa’s taste is awesome, I know! Is all written on Sydney face last night!

For that, I’ll never give up; break free for my lovely Bakkwa!

Wish me luck!