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20) A story of Lunar New Year – Nian (年)

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The mythology side of Lunar New Year was originated from a monster ‘nian’ (meaning ‘year’).  The beast had a head like a lion and a body like a bull.  It lives in deep sea for the whole season.

Every spring around the lunar month or Chinese New Year it will come ashore to destroy farms and attack humans.  Villagers were helpless.  They discussed how to make the ‘nian’ stay away from them and leave them in peace.  So they started hanging red cloths and lighted red lanterns, pasting red couplet outside the houses in the hope to deter this ferocious animal.  Whenever, the animal appeared, the villagers make loud noises with drums and gongs, chopping vegetables /meats loudly and ignite fireworks to subdue the beast.  Somehow, ‘nian’ was back off by these intimidations.  It left the village and never returned again.

nian animal(
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Thus, the villagers realized that loud sound, the color of red, bright lights and fireworks etc were effective deterants to ‘nian’.

Since then, people have kept the tradition alive by beating drums and gongs on streets, and lighting fireworks to drive the beast away during the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival.  They wish each other ‘Gong Xi” for a new life of survivor, this is the mythology of how the Lunar New Year come about.

nian animal 01

nian animal 03

nian animal 02

The three scarlet friends humming along in their harmony home.

25) Glimpse of a Snake in Chinatown

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chinatoan new year scene 01

A night scene with a wave of square lanterns appear in Chinatown, Singapore which was captured my me this evening.  As this is the Lunar year of Water Snake, I guess that’s why the lightened up decorations come conversely with fire red colour.  To me, the deco resembles more like Loch Ness  than snake, most probably they belong to the same species.  Or I might be wrong..

chinatoan new year scene 06

The illuminated boxes come with twelve zodiac and auspicious words on them.  May all my wishes be fulfilled with the dedicated inscriptions, I wish!

chinatoan new year scene 07

Coincidentally, the red break-lights of vehicles match so well with the festive atmosphere.

chinatoan new year scene 03

The much sought after and infamous dried sausages and dried duck legs (also known as wax sausages/duck legs) store give an extra touch to the New Year’s air.

chinatoan new year scene 02

A good technique in bargaining might earned you an extra sausage of joy!

chinatoan new year scene 05

An elder earning his own keeps with his talent earned my appreciation of some dollar notes.

chinatoan new year scene 04

Lim Chee Guan, the well-known BBQ sweet pork shop has been working non-stop day and night through weeks to cater to the long waited customers.  Waiting time can be as long as 2-3hours if you have the patience to wait for it.  When you see this, you know, the festive seasons is just at the corner!

58) Building makes way to this tree

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building tree 02

This Panaga Laut tree is one of the Heritage trees in Singapore Botanic Gardens.  This species grow on sandy beaches and lowland forests.  It is widely spread over from East Africa to West Pacific.  You can find their footprints in Singapore too.

building tree 01

This tree is slow growing and has low and massive branches with a broad, dense crown.  Different part of the body can be made into traditional medicine.

building tree 03

This tree has home itself there for over 100 years.  The design of the building, Botany Centre has take into consideration the need to preserve this precious tree.  Walk ways were made narrow to accommodate the large spreading root of this tree.  The second floor void was created to allow tree branches to be retained.

Isn’t it a good way to show respect to nature?

57) A ride to Coney Island

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corney island 02

Pulau Serangoon, also known as Coney Island in Singapore.  It is a 45-hectare in size and located off the north-eastern coast of the Singapore mainland.  Back in about 30 years ago, you still be able to make your own way when the tide is low, as the closest distant to the shore is just about 100metres.  Fun seekers will just ignore this and have their fun in this sunny island.

Currently, the island is closed for future quality housing developments.  The only residents here are the coniferous trees and the breeze shuttling between trees.  While some visitors watch over the waters with approving admiration.

corney island 01

Coming in by Waterway@Punggol direction, a red-soil route welcome you like the red carpet.

corney island 03

Pine trees, ripples with the wide horizon make up an account for Coney Island beyond words.

corney island 04

A pavilion with an irregular arc comes with semi-open concept allows viewers to capture the beautiful scenery at the same time to hide away from the rain and sun.

corney island 06

The inner side of the arc, laid with reflective aluminum ceilings, mirror the bleeding red ground and turn him to a blush!

corney island 05

Rest enough for the day, let’s carry on with the red carpet trail and explore the next destination.

30) Song of wild flowers

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wild flowers 03

Wild flowers, my dearest wild flowers

Spring is your day

Spring is your mom

Spring is your holy faith

Poem within your palm


Wild flowers, my wild flowers

Aren’t you turning down my admiration?

Aren’t you releasing my nuisance?

Aren’t you realizing a fool is waiting for your enlightenment?

wild flowers  01

Wild flowers, my dearest wild flowers!

Dawn is on you way

Dawn is by your side

Dawn never fade away

Praises within your lovely farm


Wild flowers, my wild flowers

Wont you care about my admiration?

Won’t you release my sorrows?

Won’t you able to feel my sympathy?

wild flowers  02

Wild flowers, my dearest wild flowers!

Rippers living by your side

Rippers waiting for your ride

Rippers need your smile and make him bright

Pleasant within your kindly eyes


Wild flowers, my wild flowers

Won’t you still be seeing me tomorrow?

Won’t you be able to?

Wont you able to speak softly to me again?

Tell me where is your next destination!

19) The most creative and wonderful creatures

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I love watching both western and Asian ghost movies.  These movies don’t scare me out of my butt but cheers me up.  I’m not drawn by the scary costumes or distorted features but rather by the dramatic, or should I say the creative and elusive form of it.

I observe and make study about their special characteristic and the way they portray themselves.  They come out with different attributes as I conclude them as follows…

Note:  This is under PG(Parental Guidance) category.

ghost 01

Some take indoor sky diving as a hobby.

ghost 02

Some come knocking on your door after the Tsunami.

ghost 06

Some habitually crawl out to have fun with human.

ghost 04

Some never let his arms rest in peace.

ghost 05

Some had flop cosmetic surgery.

ghost 08

Some are as handsome as ‘Blood Pit’.

ghost 07

Some come and lure you in the form of sweet candy.

ghost 03

Some I strongly believe they have come a long way….

56) Leave your footprints behind

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leave foot print 02

When you visit Green Pavilion, Singapore Botanic Gardens, the easy environment not only keeps your mind free but the fresh air also leaves your lungs empowered with oxygen.  The footpath leading to the basement car park is as enticing.  The raw cement foot base is imprinted with bona fide leaves.  I believe it must have something to do with this charming and creative organization (owner of the park) that is much into biodiversity.

leave foot print 03

Personally, I love Raphis leaves a lot.  They’re always asking you for a dance with their swinging leaves.


The exotic Yam leaf with its broad shape reminds me of its undetachable relationship with the dew.  Not forgetting the yummy yam underneath the soil that provides aplenty of nutrients and nourishes our taste buds.

leave foot print 04

This fan palm looks exactly like the straw fan I am holding now!  Both have similar characters but different owners, but they are still standing green as eco-ambassadors.

leave foot print 01

Do stay a bit longer in a so-call un-expecting place in your next visit here.  Listen to their Hellos before you take a life up to the outer green!  Sometimes, your inner green is greener than others!

That is why I keep coming back to this little heaven; I just can’t get enough of it!