Day: February 4, 2013

7) What is the most atmosphere for CNY?

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rediish face 07

I’m looking for something but it is not on this red withering flower.

rediish face 08

Hairy caterpillars say, wait for me to grow up, I’ll tell you!

rediish face 05

He said, for the time being offer you a mini mandarin orange.

rediish face 03

Or a deep pocket with full itinerary.

rediish face 06

What about a blessing to carry along?

rediish face 04

Let’s make it double!

rediish face 01

Or let the water snake stick by you whole year through!

rediish face 02

And come in a pair!

Note:  One blogger mentioned to me earlier that CNY atmosphere is diminishing.  I totally agree with this!  We know we can’t change the way it is but on the other hand putting some thought and effort can change the way you perceive it.

This year is a year that is graceful to me.  Being able to spend my time blogging and sharing my thoughts with the world.  I feel I have created the atmosphere for myself and it lives in my heart.

This is the most memorable year I had!