To those sweet ladies around my house

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To those sweet ladies around my house


A gentle lady named “Spider Lily- Hymenocallis“, standing outside my house.
She came from South-Eastern part of America and the Caribbean.
She is not colorful but elegant.
She is not chatty but contented.
Silently greet me with a smile day and night.



This is a warmhearted lady, we used to call her Mickey Mouse Plant – Ochna serrulata.
She likes to open her wide, warming arms to welcome me home.
She is vibrant, she stood under my window, dancing in the Summer, singing heartily.
She came from South Africa.
Ornamental my garden, my secret garden.



This is my Dearest “Ixora”.
An evergreen lady, full of wonders, full of passions and dreams.
Creative in color, red, white, orange, yellow and purple etc etc.
Blooming four seasons, smiling under rain and shine.
She is not tall but out-shine the rest.
She can be commonly seen on the street but she prefers  live outside my house.



My amazing lady “Lantana”.
She was born in Tropical America and Afica , faces flush with enthusiasm.
She likes to dance in the Butterfly garden, flapping her wings, swinging along.
She has a strange scent but that make her unique.
She blooms like fire works, keep laughing and laughing,  a happy lady, cheerful Ambassador.








Somebody in this garden

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Who is the somebody?


Oh! It is  the Madras Thorn ( Pithecellobium duice). A 26 meter tall man sitting in the garden of Armenian Church Of St. Gregory The Illuminator, Singapore.


This unique National Heritage tree, girth 7.4m, crown is bushy and widely spread, dull green in color.

A native of tropical America, it was introduced to the region in the olden day by the Portugese and the Spanish.


Leaves are very special with a pair of leaflet on both sides of the leaf stalk. That’s why a Chinese name “金龟子” was given, literally means a “flying Goliathus”.


Pulp is edible, fruits are coiled pods which ripen a tinge of rose-red in color.


Madras Thorn, was once a common trees planted along roadsides of Singapore. During the 70s, the species was attacked by caterpillars throughout the Singapore. Result in phased out from housing estate and roadsides subsequently.

Next time, if you happen to pass by Hill St, not to forget pay a visit to this lovely tree or even have a glimpse at the bus stop.

RS3D Promotion video 1

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Dear folks and followers, it has been long time since July I put up a post about my product Eggology.

The link below is my products promotion, this is specially dedicate to all my existing and future friends.

And wishing you Happy Christmas in advance.


MAAD Night on 6th June 2014

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Hi World!

This is our 1st official launch in MAAD on the 6th of June Friday night.

For this event, we focus on our 3d minature building with LED series and flower-like minature sculpture with LED series.

And many many more!

Feel free to drop by the next event on 4th July and dancing all night long!!!

6 JUN 2014 MAAD Pyjamas 2014.

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Hi World!

We  are having a booth exhibition at MAAD ,28 Maxwell Road, red dot traffic.

The event starts from 5pm to mid-night.

Feel free to bring along your pyjamas and bolsters!

And dancing all night long!

See you around!!!

MAAD invitation


RockSolid3D video

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To all my Dearest Followers and Blogger friends.

I have been absent from ADDGRAINONEARTH for more than a month.

The Reason is that I was drown in my newly set up 3d printing company that focus and time is the main issue to build a strong foundation for a long journey.

But ADDGRAINONEARTH is not far away still, Sydney is still strolling his garden trail while whispering to all plants and trees.

At the same time, also hope you all can feel and hear what he was like to share with you.

He will be back surely as he promised, vowed to this greenland.

We shared this  piece of holy ground without ranking.

Meanwhile, watch him and Rock Solid 3D in action.

What is RockSolid3D?

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rocksolid3d02Is about Rock…

rocksolid3d01Is about Solid…

rocksolid3d03Is about 3 Dimension…rocksolid3d04Stay tune for the RockSolid3D