Day: February 19, 2013

31) The 9th Day of Lunar New Year

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tian gong 02

The number 9th day of Lunar New Year is a day where we offer our thanks to God of Heaven.  It’s a big event to some Chinese.  But I set up some simple offerings for my thanks giving.  Some cookies, cakes, fruits and paper gold for prayers (not too good for the ozone layer though) and also a pair of sugar cane.

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Ever wonder why is sugar cane significant to this big event of the Lunar Calendar?

Some legend began way back to the old era in China, in the province of Fujian (Hokkien).  The story has it that villages in Fujian tried to escape from the killings and rummage of robbers on the 9th day of Chinese New Year by hiding themselves in the sugar cane plantation.  Their lives were saved.  Thus, from then, villagers offer a pair of sugar cane on this 9th day of Lunar New Year to thank the Heavenly God for the good blessings, protection from natural disasters and a year of good harvest in return.

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Besides, ‘sugar cane’ in Hokkien pronounciation coincidently sounds like ‘thankful’ in meaning.  That’s how the fable arises.

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I gift-wrapped my pair of sugar cane in red-paper, hug him with good luck while I offer it to the Heavenly God, and wishing that he hugged me in return.