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Hi Heliconia!

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heliconia 01Heliconia, name derived from the Greek word Helikonios. It has over 200 species in single genus. The plant vibrant in color, grow well in Tropical region, is one of the composition of the Ginger Order. Let’s explore other creative and fun names beside the “Bird of Paradise”.

heliconia 02Sexy Pink

heliconia 03Surinam Gold

heliconia 04Dwarf Jamaican

heliconia 05Red-Yellow Gyro

heliconia 06Lobster Claw Two

heliconia 07Black Cherry

heliconia 08Jacquinii


Two rare scene happen in one day Pt 2 – A moth

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moth 02

I saw a moth landed on the wall outside my apartment.  It’s about 10 inches in length from wing to wing and dark brown in color. I’m not sure it scientific name, a moth I could only call.  I’m fast enough to take a shot of it and stood still to see what is going to happen to it next.

 I’ve expected it to fly off as it may be terrified by the sound of my hand phone’s shutter.  But he chooses to stay.  Continue his calm flagging show, opening and closing his wings calmly in placid movement.

moth 01

Some believe moth came from darkness; symbolized bad luck.  While some believed they were incarnated from our pass away relatives.  When a person passed away, he’ll return home as a moth on the seventh day of his passing to visit his family.

 I’m not certain about the origin of this belief, but the appearance of this species does contribute some points of mystery.  It’s just like the bat and his loyal vampire fan.

moth 03

This is our rare meet-up, it has come to a point that I can’t bear to kick it away though it doesn’t look as charming as the butterfly.

 To me, this is a beautiful moment, we happened to meet up at this junction of life.  Though we were brought up in different world but we happened to be on the same path.  What can be more magical?

We are captains of our boat.  At this moment of time, we share the same wave, and an eternal one…

27) What flowers may spring choose?

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what flowers may spring choose 08

When Lunar year arrive, you know spring is not far and potted plants start to grow from one corner to the other corner of a floral nursery.  Most of the plants are imported, this shows that spring is boundless and able to stay in every single part of the world with non-returnable journey.

For sure, buying flowers for home deco is not a tradition only for Singaporean, isn’t it good to pay something in exchange for good blessings and happiness in return.

what flowers may spring choose 01

Mandarin oranges represent great auspicious.

what flowers may spring choose 02

Gomphrena globosa, commonly known as Globe Amaranth or Bachelor Button, literally means bloom for thousand in mandarin.

what flowers may spring choose 03

Celosia cristata, commonly known as cockscomb. Chinese believes luck will crown you throughout the year.

what flowers may spring choose 10

Pineapple literally means flourishing prosperity.

what flowers may spring choose 04

Buying back a Phalaenopsis, is just like holding a national heart.

what flowers may spring choose 06

Charming Chrysanthemum offer you a charming year.

what flowers may spring choose 09

Salix argyracea means money in homonym.

what flowers may spring choose 05

Gold berry, of course the golden exterior explain every things.

what flowers may spring choose 07

Pomegranate, was believed to have the ability to cleanse and protect your house from the evil.

So, what flowers may spring choose to be his public ambassador?

16) Whose feet are those?

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crane feet(purplemartinstory.org)
By courtesy of purplemartinstory.org
A) Skinny but master of wings
polar bear feet(fineartamerica.com)
By courtesy of fineartamerica.com
B) Northern survivor
By courtesy of feetphotographersdirect.com
By courtesy of feetphotographersdirect.com
C) I am not Lion King!
By courtesy of feetphantasist.deviantart.com
By courtesy of feetphantasist.deviantart.com
D) I am not Godzilla!
By courtesy of mistasam
By courtesy of mistasam
E) I am not Vampire!
By courtesy of teakdoor.com
By courtesy of teakdoor.com
F) I am not Meat Eater!
By courtesy of uglyoverload.blogspot.sg
By courtesy of uglyoverload.blogspot.sg
G) Deep! Deep! Deep!

By courtesy of horseandhound.co.uk

H) I am not a Horse!
By courtesy of ascapecodturns.blogspot.com
By courtesy of ascapecodturns.blogspot.com
J) I am not birdie!
By courtesy of feetlivreeterable.blogspot.com
By courtesy of feetlivreeterable.blogspot.com
K) Ho! Ho! Ho! Where is my best friend?

A) Crane

B) Polar Bear

C) Tiger

D) T-Rex

E) Bat

F) Ant Eater

G) Angler Fishhttp://wp.me/a2DqYS-Q0

H) Donkey

J) Big Birdhttp://wp.me/a2DqYS-Q9

K) Reindeer