To those sweet ladies around my house

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To those sweet ladies around my house


A gentle lady named “Spider Lily- Hymenocallis“, standing outside my house.
She came from South-Eastern part of America and the Caribbean.
She is not colorful but elegant.
She is not chatty but contented.
Silently greet me with a smile day and night.



This is a warmhearted lady, we used to call her Mickey Mouse Plant – Ochna serrulata.
She likes to open her wide, warming arms to welcome me home.
She is vibrant, she stood under my window, dancing in the Summer, singing heartily.
She came from South Africa.
Ornamental my garden, my secret garden.



This is my Dearest “Ixora”.
An evergreen lady, full of wonders, full of passions and dreams.
Creative in color, red, white, orange, yellow and purple etc etc.
Blooming four seasons, smiling under rain and shine.
She is not tall but out-shine the rest.
She can be commonly seen on the street but she prefers  live outside my house.



My amazing lady “Lantana”.
She was born in Tropical America and Afica , faces flush with enthusiasm.
She likes to dance in the Butterfly garden, flapping her wings, swinging along.
She has a strange scent but that make her unique.
She blooms like fire works, keep laughing and laughing,  a happy lady, cheerful Ambassador.









Song of Tamalan

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Song of Tamalan10


Lovely Tamalan, Graceful Tamalan
A tree sat on the hill
Sydney is having a bun
Picnic by your side
Cappuccino under the sky
Watching birds pass by
Sydney is flying high
Tamalan, I don’t know why?


Green sleeve Tamalan, Smiley Tamalan
A tree stood on the heritage hill
Sydney is having fun
Singing by your side
Swing together with your charming shy
Whispering a dog pass by
Sydney is flying high
Tamalan, could you tell me why?


Hardy Tamalan, Wisely Tamalan
A tree being heritage on our green hill
Sydney heard that and here I am
Waving by your side
Dancing through out the night
Looking for a shining star
Sydney is flying high
My dear Tamalan, can you tell me why?

Let’s look around on the first day of 2016

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IMG_6036First dawn of the year

IMG_6046First seashell rush to the shore

IMG_6038First bluish sky watching at me

IMG_6051First person who waving at me

IMG_6042First rubbish which crying at me

IMG_6048First vines that greet me

IMG_6058First coconut tree I feel like climbingIMG_6057First timber beach bench wet by the First dew

IMG_6055First couple goes separate way

IMG_6084First family starts the First fire

IMG_6066First flower almost drop on my head

IMG_6070First person I say goodbye

IMG_6076_1First flower smiling at me

IMG_6088First Banyan tree that I have difficulty to hug him

IMG_6091First Rain Tree Community Group I attend

IMG_6097First mangrove river standing by my side

IMG_6096First shadow painted our fruitful journey

IMG_6108 copyWith all these fairies under the First sun ray, I wish everybody stay Healthy and Prosperity!

Somebody in this garden

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Who is the somebody?


Oh! It is  the Madras Thorn ( Pithecellobium duice). A 26 meter tall man sitting in the garden of Armenian Church Of St. Gregory The Illuminator, Singapore.


This unique National Heritage tree, girth 7.4m, crown is bushy and widely spread, dull green in color.

A native of tropical America, it was introduced to the region in the olden day by the Portugese and the Spanish.


Leaves are very special with a pair of leaflet on both sides of the leaf stalk. That’s why a Chinese name “金龟子” was given, literally means a “flying Goliathus”.


Pulp is edible, fruits are coiled pods which ripen a tinge of rose-red in color.


Madras Thorn, was once a common trees planted along roadsides of Singapore. During the 70s, the species was attacked by caterpillars throughout the Singapore. Result in phased out from housing estate and roadsides subsequently.

Next time, if you happen to pass by Hill St, not to forget pay a visit to this lovely tree or even have a glimpse at the bus stop.

IHC – Indian Heritage Centre

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If you love Indian History and Culture to be your spiritual nutrition, spare a hour or two to visit IHC at 5 Campbell Lane, Singapore 209924.

Believe me, it might cure your thirst over the dry spell.


It is free admission for all visitors from 8th till 31th of May.

Operating hours – Tuesdays to Thursdays, 10am to 7pm

Fridays to Saturdays, 10am to 8pm

Sundays and Public Holidays, 10am to 4pm

Mondays, closed


Mask of the Face of Glory (Kirtimukha)

19th Century, Bronze, South India

The Yali or the mythical lion is an auspicious motif known in Southeast Asia as a Kala head.

It represents Kirtimukha or the “Face of glory” widely used in Indian temple Architectural.


Standing Shiva and Parvati

12th – 13th Century Chola Period, Bronze, Tamil Nadu India

These bronze figures of the divine couple, Shiva and Parvati, embodies grace and classicism reminiscent of Indian classical dance.

Such images were produced using the cire perdue or lost-wax process, in the district of Thanjavur, the capital of Chola Kings who ruled over parts of south Indian 10th – 13th centuries.

In Singapore, during major South Indian temple festivals, such bronze deities are carried in chariot processions along the main streets.


Chariot Finial with Garuda

 12th century, Angkor Wat period, Copper Alloy, Cambodia

This decorative element would have been used on a Khmer Chariot as a symbol of power and strength, perhaps designed for a royal palanquin or chariot.

It depicts a fierce-looking garuda (mythical bird), raising his powerful chest in a stance meant to intimidate, atop a multi- headed naga (serpent ) who looks poised to attack.


A Chettinad Doorway

Late 19th century, Mahua Wood, Chettinad, Tamial Nadu, South India

This doorway plays a important role in Indian domestic architectural and serves to separate the sacred personal world from the outside world.

The elaborate carvings of mythic motifs also invoke the power of the divine and offer protection for the owner and his/her family.


This intricately carved entrance doorway, with its jambs and lintel panels consisting of about 5000 minute carvings, it is a example of south Indian domestic architectural during the late 19th – early 20th centuries.It represents the bespoke architectural and woodcraving traditions of Chettinad, home to the Nattukotti Nagarthar Chettiar community of financiers and traders.


Hindu deity, Aravan

Early 20th century

Polychrome paint, Wood

Collection of the National Museum of Singapore


Nandi, Processional Vehicle

 19th – 20th century

Polychrome, Wood, Semi-precious stones

Collection of the Asian Civilisations Museum


And many more…


Say hello to all Ladies and Gentlemen before entering washroom.


By wrapping-up the trip, say a big THANKS to those Indian workers who contributed so much to our society.

“Thank you!”

Reblog Valentine’s Song to our deceased friend – CoCo

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This is a Reblog article in memory of CoCo, Cougar’s girl friend who passed away a few months ago.

We wish her may as adorable as what she was in Heaven now.

A smiley cloud pass by outside my window this moment…perhaps a angel…


I’m always by your side

I’ll always be your pride

To ease your pain

We go for a ride

We walk on the bridge

Everything will be fine

Don’t ask me why

valentine song 01

I’m always by your side

I’ll always be your bride

To soften your face

We go for a ride

We walk on the water

Everything will be fine

I don’t know why

valentine song 04

I’m always by your side

I’ll always be your pride

To brighten up your day

We go for a ride

You look at the east

Me at the west

Everything will be fine

Don’t ask me why

valentine song 03

I’m always by your side

I’ll always be your bride

To alleviate your naughtiness

We go for a ride

You look at the left

Me at the right

Everything seems to be fine

I don’t know why

I just don’t know why

I have made some wishes in Hong Kong

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May all forms of life in the universe be safe, happy,healthy and well taken care of.


May all beings in the air, on land, in the water be safe, happy, healthy and well taken care of.


May all beings be as happy as I am.


Be safe and protected from harm in 2015.

RS3D Promotion video 3

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Oops! I am not here again…


RS3D Promotion video 2

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Hi folks!

See who is that in the video! Obviously, not me…


RS3D Promotion video 1

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Dear folks and followers, it has been long time since July I put up a post about my product Eggology.

The link below is my products promotion, this is specially dedicate to all my existing and future friends.

And wishing you Happy Christmas in advance.