Day: February 9, 2013

Friend (26) – My Pair of Sandals

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This pair of sandals has been with me for the past 8 years.  We have gone through life’s ups and downs, tasted the sweet and bitterness.  No regrets, I would say, cheers to what we have been through these years!

sandal 01

Thank you for being my toes protector, guardian to my feet.  You shade me from sun and rain.  Even though the coverage is not complete, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Together, we search for the greens, stroll through the years looking for hope and revival.  Staying in tune with nature, tolerated the attack of the insect troopers.  We interviewed the leaves, chat with the plants, invited trees to be our guests.  We worked as a team to be a green ambassador, rejuvenate our souls and even water the dry earth.

sandal 02

We traveled to Dubai, open our eyes and brighten our vision.  We landed on Yanggon together, shaken by their cultures and warmness.  We have seen many dark side of human and also seen many as bright as the holy land.  The sandy roads we have traveled made your body wear and tear.  The crack on your body reflected you have aged.  But you have no complaints.  I feel so sorry about it.

sandal 03

Thank you once more for what you have done for the past 8 years.  You make my life more vibrant and wonderful.  I’ll remember the many roads we have walked past.  How many stories we have shared and how may days and nights we have roamed around.  You were my true companion and going to be my friend of remembrance.  I’ll put every individual scene I could remember in my book.  Each page is linked.  It’s just like the bond of our friendship.  It’ll be penned down just like the beginning of a newborn, till your golden age, I’ll never forget.

sandal 05

I’ll remember you my friend, as a long journey companion and friend.  Thank you.