Day: February 15, 2013

59) When each day is a blessing

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blessed day 09

While we are enjoying a life of luxury in peacetime, have we wonder how the under privileged in the past had lived through their life?  Are we able to understand how they cope with their daily stress?  Are we able to put ourselves in their shoes and empathize how tough their world were?

When we are sandwich like sardine in the train, we started to complain and throw anger on others.  When we face the cruelty of reality and went under boundless stress, did we ever question about how much we have contributed instead?  A mouthful of swear?  Confrontation?  Or even an endless sigh?

So now, are we ready to step down on these uneven steps, to perceive their way of life from this little tiny corner from the past?

blessed day 02

When you are away from your motherland, staying alone and dozing off on this single timber bed, what do you look for to warm your heart?  A picture of your family during your happy day?  Or a straw fan to release home sick sorrows?

blessed day 06

Or do you make a living by making wooden clogs?  Working day and night in your petite cubicle?

blessed day 07

The simple abode of a respectable Sam Shui woman with all she has in her entire life.

blessed day 01

 A double-decked bed come with all-in-one, kitchen wares, resting stool and even a simple playground!

blessed day 11

Open concept kitchen come complete with kitchen shelving, dressing room.  Are we able to understand the meaning of this living standard?

blessed day 10

Mirror and a pair of chopstick, let’s call it a day or let’s get ready for work?

blessed day 05

When space is precious and it’s a constraint, hanging clothes on a hook is the most space saving and logical way.

blessed day 04

Some physician may live under the same roof.  Charging $2 for a consultation, $3 for outpatient and free of charge for those who can’t afford the bill.  Are we able to hear and feel the bitterness of life?

Well, to me, compare to olden day, each day is a blessing and a blessed day!

Pictures was taken in Chinatown Heritage Center