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16) Winter is the beginning of all season

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tong zhi 01

Today, is one of the twenty-four solar terms of the Chinese calender the “Winter Solstice“. The winter solstice is the beginning of the twenty-four solar terms in ancient times.  In Chinese belife, the Winter Solstice is greater than the Chinese Lunar New Year.


tong zhi 02

The arrival of the winter solstice, is floating in the festive atmosphere. You will see everyone gathering together for celebration.  It’s just like the western Christmas seasons, one celebrating with turkey, another with rice ball dumpling.


tong zhi 03

Rice ball dumpling, in additional to its shape of delegative round, it is wrapped with flour and stuffed with knead, lotus seed paste, peanuts, sesame etc.  The lightly sweet taste filled and warm the stomach in the winter.


tong zhi 05

This warm in the winter, fullfilled my stomach and warm my heart just like rejoicing the human race and traditional close relationship.  Just like the tree roots wrapped around the earth, it is the image of the extension to the traditional practices of intergenerational, how appropriate!


tong zhi 04

Today, is not  end of the world, is just the beginning of all seasons.  Let’s have the rice dumplings as wine and toast to our heart content, I wish all of you a wonderful festives, happy and healthy life all year round!


46) We are all shouting out loud in IKEA

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ikea 01

We are not going to be like this dull fellow anymore.

ikea 03

I want to be a prosperous flowerpot, making your word and world upside down!

ikea 04

I want to be the up and coming Christmas super star, shining on your wall and ground

ikea 08

I want to be a dangling dancing cushion, making your home look smart and smitten!

ikea 06

I want to be a jelly cup, filling up rainbows in your stomach!

ikea 11

I want to be an Eco reindeer, waiting for Santa happy cheers!

ikea 05

I want to hang myself in a graceful way, leading you all the way to Christmas Day!

ikea 07

I want to clean your space with my creativity, as this is my duty.

ikea 10

We want to be the flag of IKEA, joining force to capture your heart!

ikea 09

And enjoy a colorful dream at dark!


Here you come, a brand new you after walking out from IKEA and after knowing us!

45) I lost my Christmas Tree this Christmas

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botanic 02

I asked a mangrove tree, he presented me with a creative idea in return.

botanic 03

I asked a poster, which told me the story of the forest.

botanic 06

Asked a tortoise, which told me it is not in the water.

botanic 05

Asked an autumn leaf, which told me it is not far away.

botanic 01

Asked the fern trees, they reply “aren’t we gorgeous enough?!”

botanic 10

Asked the restaurant staff, they showed me the Christmas set meal.

botanic 07

Asked a delicate flower, she said, “I am not a tree”.

botanic 09

Asked a mini-waterfall, he said, “I couldn’t hear you”.

botanic 08

Asked a cannon ball tree, he said, you could take me as the ornaments.

botanic 04

Asked an antique clock, he told me time is running out.

botanic 11

So, so, where is my Christmas tree?  Is it hidden with you somewhere?

I lost my Christmas tree….lost it in the Singapore Botanic Gardens

15) A bottle of Coke in you and me!

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moon cake 01

This traditional local branded bakery shop, is more than enough for you to explore their recipe for your entire life, not only the secret method to produce, but the persistency and the spirits of hardship.

Today, I passed by this bakery.  With a glance, I guess I have missed the lunch crowd and the Moon Cake festival.  Just like others, I like the moon cakes of this bakery.  This bakery may not be a favor with people who likes fanciful moon cakes, but to the local, we know he is someone standing on his own ground firmly, with pride and vision.  The good taste never changed!

By courtesy of
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The shop was established in 1938.  Since then, the hands of this traditional bakery shop never stop its hand movement!  With original recipe and without preservations, the art passed down from one era to another.  Bake instantly with fresh ingredients, this is the slogan for every single cake lovers of our nation.

By courtesy of
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During the Moon Cake Festive seasons, shoppers queue in rain and shine with paper carrier printed with the Chinese name on it.  If you have the cheek to ask them why not go for the fanciful cakes made of durians, birdnests, chocolate or even ice-cream!  I believe the answers are the same for sure!  “I love the traditional moon cakes”!

In fact, by looking at the long queue, it’s not hard to know they are not an ordinary celebrity, with fans from all ages and from every corner of our country.

moon cake 02

English: A Bottle of Mexican Coke.

Though Moon Cake Festival is over and a snowing Christmas with Santa is arriving soon, but I still think this is just like a bottle of Coke in you and me, with sweet memories and sense of belonging, deep down in our homeland.

44) I can’t find my way back home!

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This is not an ordinary street buzzing with pushcarts selling souvenirs in the core of Chinatown.  It has a certain background we should recall or try not to recall…the Sago Street.

By courtesy of
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Sago Street alias “sei yang gai” in Cantonese refers to “street of the dead”.  Back to the last century, funeral parlours stretching from one end to another are not an uncommon sight.

In the funeral living room, you see bodies covered merely with cloth lying on pallets in open cubicle, each with a table placed with offering items.  As the shops are usually small and dimly lighted, the atmosphere then was chilly and creepy.  It is definitely not for the feeble hearted.

When I was young, I remember having to pass by a few lying bodies just to reach the toilet situated right behind the backyard of the shop.  To me, attending funeral wake is always a hair-raising event.  It’s a frightening experience and one that left a deep impression behind.


The picture was captured in the Chinatown Heritage Centre at Pagoda Street (a few lanes away from Sago Street) depicting the bitterness of life during that century.


Those offerings are the basic needs for the deceased, it’s offered to serve them with a better life at the other side of the world.


Today, if your soul traveled back home from the other side of the world, you maybe surprised by the overwhelming tourist crowd, waking you up next to the side of your soul bed.  Or maybe you would consider starting a new life again, this time with a more graceful surrounding.

43) Please drop me a card this Christmas!

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pillar post box 01

You may be able to spot this pillar post box at the Fullerton Heritage Gallery at The Fullerton Hotel.  But these are the last two left since 1873, which were specially shipped from Great Britain.  These special pillar post boxes feature the EIIR (Elizabeth II Regina) British Royal Cipher on its door as symbol of the ruling monarchy at that time when the pillar post boxes were produced.

In 2001, the Fullerton Hotel has transformed himself from a General Post Office to a super star Hotel.  It was during that time that the post box was preserved as his iconic memories!

pillar post box 02

The other pillar post box is still serving the public outside Singapore Philatelic Museum.  It stands in front of the museum welcoming people from all over the world.

pillar post box 06

And this handsome guy in the Fullerton Hotel, is gladly asking if you would like to drop him a card this Christmas!

pillar post box 04

This FLOOR COMPASS shows you the direction to your destination.

Whether you are going Hong Kong or Saigon, it takes you over thousands of kilometers from this direction

pillar post box 03

Or you want the distant Cairo or the nearby Penang?

pillar post box 05

My home Sydney or neighbor Auckland?

16) Whose feet are those?

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crane feet(
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A) Skinny but master of wings
polar bear feet(
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B) Northern survivor
By courtesy of
By courtesy of
C) I am not Lion King!
By courtesy of
By courtesy of
D) I am not Godzilla!
By courtesy of mistasam
By courtesy of mistasam
E) I am not Vampire!
By courtesy of
By courtesy of
F) I am not Meat Eater!
By courtesy of
By courtesy of
G) Deep! Deep! Deep!

By courtesy of

H) I am not a Horse!
By courtesy of
By courtesy of
J) I am not birdie!
By courtesy of
By courtesy of
K) Ho! Ho! Ho! Where is my best friend?

A) Crane

B) Polar Bear

C) Tiger

D) T-Rex

E) Bat

F) Ant Eater

G) Angler Fish

H) Donkey

J) Big Bird

K) Reindeer

13) Jokes of the day by Off the Leash Facebook

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Off the Leash 01

Off the Leash 02

Off the Leash 03

Off the Leash 07

Off the Leash 04

Off the Leash 05

Off the Leash 06

Comics adopted from Off the Leash Facebook, if you happen to know him/her, spread the words, if you don’t, happy and good luck!

42) We are non-ordinary buildings (Part 2)

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Is a numerical figure prominent in this particular row of buildings?


A closer look can make one guess what the number is?  Though, the view might be block by some building beneath.

Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel

Yes, it is number 13.  This is on the exterior of Conrad Centennial Singapore.  The number 13 in Cantonese coincidently sounds like “实生”, and it means “sure to survive” or some interpret it as “sure to prosper”.  However, this could be tittle-tattle, the number 13 could have belonged to a Friday!