Month: December 2012

49) Last day of the year in the Gardens

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gazebo 01

This Gazebo sitting next to the Swan Lake, designed in Victorian style with cast iron material.  It was originally built in 18th century at Grange Road.  It was later on been re-erected in 1969 and relocated to the entrance of Botanic Gardens.  Finally, in 2010 it was  shifted next to the Swan Lake.

I wish this would be his final home, as to get a favorite ground like this is not as easy as you could choose.  Memories, surroundings and atmosphere are considerations.

gazebo 02

gazebo 03

What is it like sitting on this timber bench, well washed by weather?  Well, while enjoying watching the lonely swan surfing from one end to the other; waving at the surfing boat passing by; or even meeting a new friend could be a valuable insight for some.

gazebo 04

The Gazebo with a dark gray body, exudes the calm and tranquility of the landscape even more.

gazebo 05

Only one single swan is onboard today, I see that the others are all out for their party preparations or are they somewhere reciting their incantations for a better new year ahead…?

gazebo 06

Come close to Frederick Chopin and his lover seated near the Symphony Lake, a few hundreds meters away from the Swan Lake.  While Chopin is engaged in his keys and notes, his lover looks on.  Symphony Lake is filled with emptiness now, but with the looming notes of Chopin, a brand new year awaits her.  Shall we ask Frederick for some inspiration?

gazebo 07

And I am sitting next to the lotus, good enough for my companion to comfort me, on the last day of 2012!  Cheers!

24) What’s gone wrong with us?

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What’s gone wrong with you..?

You tear a person into pieces, leaving her soul unease.

Raped her by your gang wolves!

Slaughter her with no guild with blood and brazenness!

Hit her and throw her out of a moving bus!

Have you cherish the beautiful life around you..?

And do you know how lovely it is to chase each other around the coconut tree?

How entertaining Bollywood show can be?

And you did that in return, to tarnish all should have been!

For sure, she is not going to rest in peace!

It would be a joke, if they asked her to do so!

Is this a joke, if it’s going to happen to your family?

Will you still be laughing and kicking?

And what an irony!

She was offered a marriage in return to close the case!

She asked “What’s gone wrong with us?”

Before she tears off freely…with a shattered heart in agony.

In memory for the two victims gang raped by the locals in India, eventually one committed suicide and one died of serious injury in a Singapore Hospital.

My heart goes to the victims and the families.  It’s very sad and disheartening to see such crimes happening over and over again.

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The Lives They Left Behind: Suitcases From A State Hospital Attic! – BY Cindyknoke


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Willard State Hospital

by, Darby Penny, Peter Stastny, Lisa Rinzler, Robert Whitaker.

When Willard State Hospital closed in 1995, after 125 years of continuous operation, 427 patient suitcases, filled with patient’s personal belonging, were discovered, abandoned, in an attic.

download (6)

This interesting book attempts to bring to light the personal stories of ten of these patients whose suitcases were intensely studied. The authors chose these specific suitcases because there were a lot of personal notes and materials in each of these ten suitcases, that provided the authors with enough data, combined with patient records and charts, to try to reconstruct these ten people’s lives.

This is a fascinating book about these people’s lives and about the hospital itself. The authors are incredibly patient detectives, who tease out a great deal of facts and details from these suitcases, chart notes, and interviews with hospital staff members, many retired. They locate living relatives…

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48) Would you like to have a new curtain for 2013?

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red curtain 02

This is not a curtain, is a root!

This is the root of Cissus sicyoides, it is also commonly known as Curtain Ivy or Princess Vine. This beautiful lady carries long reddish roots that forming a dense lacy curtain.

red curtain 01

It looks like a Mammoth from far, but I am sure she is much more gentler.

red curtain 03

This amazing plant is not the true Ivy but is a close relative of grape family.

red curtain 04

 Traditionally, it can be used to treat rheumatism, ulcer and diabetes. To me, this is the most elegant doctor I ever met.

red curtain 05

So would you like to have this kind of curtain for 2013?

47) Tembusu Tree Speaks You and Me

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tembusu tree 01

Tembusu tree is one of the popular trees you can find along the roadside of Singapore. It can grow up to 40m in height with it large and evergreen portray. This tree in the picture is located next to the footpath, which heading Ginger Garden, Singapore Botanic Gardens. Besides being a Heritage tree, it also serve as an appreciation to The Shaw Foundation in supporting for the Garden City Fund.

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This huge tree bears creamy fragrant flowers that attract moths in the evening when the party starts.

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It grows small and orange berries that I believe is nothings to do with Christmas.

tembusu tree 02

It can grow to a very large size on poor soil and low branches will develop when the tree left unpruned.

tembusu tree 03

Let’s be strong and hardly like this guy, carry on the battlefield in 2013.

17) Whose Footprints are those?

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(B) By courtesy of
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(C) By courtesy of
(D) By courtesy of
(E) By courtesy of
(E) By courtesy of
(F) By courtesy of
(F) By courtesy of

 (A) Deer

(B) Squirrel

(C) Mallard Duck

(D) Penguin

(E) Red Grouse

(F) Snow Art

2013 foot prt 01

Happy New Year in Advance!

23) Song of Boxing Day

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I’m dreaming of a white musical box

Just like the ones I used to know

When the heaven door open

And babies listen

To hear sweet dreams in the bow

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I’m dreaming of a white post box

With every Christmas card you write

May your days be cherished and shine

And may all

Your Christmases be fine

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I’m dreaming of a white shoe’s box

Just like the ones I used to know

When your door got opened

And your toes listen

To hear my secrets in a row

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I’m dreaming of a white letter’s box

With every Christmas card I write

May your days be merry and bright

And may all

Your Christmases be white