Day: December 31, 2012

49) Last day of the year in the Gardens

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gazebo 01

This Gazebo sitting next to the Swan Lake, designed in Victorian style with cast iron material.  It was originally built in 18th century at Grange Road.  It was later on been re-erected in 1969 and relocated to the entrance of Botanic Gardens.  Finally, in 2010 it was  shifted next to the Swan Lake.

I wish this would be his final home, as to get a favorite ground like this is not as easy as you could choose.  Memories, surroundings and atmosphere are considerations.

gazebo 02

gazebo 03

What is it like sitting on this timber bench, well washed by weather?  Well, while enjoying watching the lonely swan surfing from one end to the other; waving at the surfing boat passing by; or even meeting a new friend could be a valuable insight for some.

gazebo 04

The Gazebo with a dark gray body, exudes the calm and tranquility of the landscape even more.

gazebo 05

Only one single swan is onboard today, I see that the others are all out for their party preparations or are they somewhere reciting their incantations for a better new year ahead…?

gazebo 06

Come close to Frederick Chopin and his lover seated near the Symphony Lake, a few hundreds meters away from the Swan Lake.  While Chopin is engaged in his keys and notes, his lover looks on.  Symphony Lake is filled with emptiness now, but with the looming notes of Chopin, a brand new year awaits her.  Shall we ask Frederick for some inspiration?

gazebo 07

And I am sitting next to the lotus, good enough for my companion to comfort me, on the last day of 2012!  Cheers!