Day: December 2, 2012

13) The 3 special features on a Signalized Pedestrian Crossing

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Green Man+ is specially addressed to the needs to elderly and Pedestrians With Disabilities (PWD) as this group of pedestrians need more time to cross the road.  This is done by tapping the CEPAS-compliant senior citizen concession card or Green Man+ card on the reader (mounted on the traffic light pole).  Once the reader verifies the valid card, the system will extend ‘Green Man’ time from 3-12sec depending on the size of the crossing and volume of traffic.
This gratifying thoughts designed by LTA (Land Transport Authority) enable the needy pedestrians enough time to finish the crossing at a gentle pace.


The beeping sound pedestrians hear at pedestrian crossing also known as Pedestrian Audio Signal is to ease the visually disabled cross the road.  The volume of the audio signals is adjusted automatically based on the noise level of the surrounding environment.


The Green-Man Countdown Timers indicate the amount of time left in the crossing phase.  As balancing the safety of pedestrians is as important as keeping the road smooth-flowing, the timers are usually not standardized.  It counts on the length of crossing, the volume of pedestrians and the density of the traffic flow.
Thus, it is good to understand the operation needs, so you wouldn’t be standing under the hot sun waiting and start punching the pole.