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Let’s enjoy jacek Proniewicz the most amazing trail!

Jacek Proniewicz travel blog

is Ancient Greek for “entire Earth”.Is the name given to the last ,
global supercontinent ,which existed 250 million years ago.

20121128-115321.jpgThe PANGAEA project,which envisages sailing around world in
4 years ,is the brainchild of Mike Horn- researcher ,extreme adventurer,idealist,visionary-a man who is renowned for his daring
expeditions.Based on the central theme “explore,learn,act”,he initiates social and environmental project around globe together with young explorers from all over the world.During the expedition ,the young explorers get to know our planet’s ecosystem and play an active part in helping to preserve our natural world.They become ambassadors ,taking the idea of environmental protection back to their homelands,
where they then initiate their own projects.


20121128-115450.jpgLike the expedition itself ,Mike Horn’s vessel PANGAEA,is also named after the last of global supercontinent .Measuring 35 meters
in length it is one of the world’s largest and most versatile expedition
sailboat .Even when the boat was…

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12) Whom do you owe your success as a millionaire?

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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (Ireland)

Millionaire: “I owe everything to my wife.”
Interviewer: “Wow, she must be some woman.
Interviewer: “What were you before you married her?”
Millionaire: “A Billionaire”

12) An Extraordinary Doctor

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By courtesy of Nationnal Cancer Centre Singapore

In National Cancer Center, Singapore, if you chanced into seeing a doctor moving around with a wheelchair, he is Dr William Tan, a medical doctor and a neuroscientist.  To many, he is not only a diligent doctor but also one of Singapore Heroes.

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Dr William Tan contracted polio at the age of 2 and was paralyzed from the waist down. Life was not easy for him, as his father was the only breadwinner in the family.  Despite the odds, Dr William works all way out towards his dreams and challenges. 

He is a wheelchair athlete and was the first person in the world to finish a wheelchair push in the Antarctica in April 2007.  Same year on 19 December, Dr. William achieved another world record by becoming the fastest person in the world to complete 7 marathons across 7 continents in 27 days. This amazing race took him across countries like Antarctica, Chile, Egypt, Thailand, Japan, Kenya, Italy, England, New Zealand, and USA.  Apart from all these achievements, Dr William has raise millions of funds for charity locally and internationally.

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Dr William has been diagnosed with end-stage leukaemia in 2009.  But with his passion in life, the bone marrow transplant operation is already a success in his mind.  The disease is just another mountain to climb and conquer.

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Being a sportsman, a medical doctor, a scientist and an inspirer, Dr William Tan has turned adversity to advantage.  He said, “I don’t have the use of my legs but I shall make the best of my brain and my arms that are not paralyzed.”  By reading so much good Dr William has done, I salute him and say “We can’t hold a candle to you, Dr William, thanks for all you have done for the community!”

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10) Walking with Velcro

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In 1941, a Swiss man strolling on the Alps after a hunting trip with his dog discovered the seeds of burdock that kept sticking on his clothes and dog’s fur.  He examined the burrs with microscope and saw thousand of “hooks” caught on the clothes’ cotton and furs.
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This man, Gerorge de Mestral, a Swiss engineer lived in Commugny, Switzerland.  He spent 8 years to change the zipping world.  He conceived the hook-and-loop fastener by binding two materials reversibly in a simple fashion from the beginning of cotton material to Nylon and polyester, and now even the spaceman and sportsman are practically using it.
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The word Velcro is a combination of two French words velours (“velvet”) and crochet (“hook”)
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Today, this handy and sticky zip become part and parcel of our live!  It contributes much changes to the style of the fashion world!
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Well, the next time while you are strolling in the field, just spend a little attention on nature; you may be surprised to discover what nature offer can do much to change our life.

36) How many windows are there in this building?

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By courtesy of williamcho
MICA Building is located at the junction of Hill Street and River Valley Road.  This prominent colonial building was built in 1934.  It was the largest government building and modern skyscraper at that time.
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The historical building was built as a police station. To ease the entrance of the building, the steep slopes of Fort Canning Hill had to be cut back to provide access. 
Bu courtesy of
The colonial landmark, now home to the Ministry of Information, Communications and Arts (MICA) is also known as the Old Hill Street Police Station as it was used to house the Police Station and Barracks.
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Total numbers of 927 rainbow-painted timber frame casement windows never fail to draw the attention of passerby.  It makes the streetscape more lively and vibrant.
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Sunlight casting through the skylight, landing on the interior exhibition gallery, not only egg-on more inspiration but gives a natural touch to art and this distinctive building.

9) A Story About A Poor Granny

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This heartwarming real story happened in Indonesia.  It’s regarding a judge handling a theft case.  The defendant is an old frail granny from a meager family.  She committed the crime as her child was sick and grandchildren were starving.
She succumbed to stealing cassavas for them.  But the manager of the plantation insisted to put her behind bars, so she has to face the punishment.
After reading the sentence, Judge Marzuki took a deep breath and made the announcement.  “I’m sorry Grandma, I have to abide the law.  You are guilty of what you have done, you are to pay a fine of 1 million rupiah (about US$100/=) or you’ll be put behind bar for 2½ years.”

The old grandma lowered her head with grief.  At this moment, the judge put away his judge’s cap, took out 1 million rupiah from his wallet and put it on his cap.  He went on and spoke to the people in the front court.  “Under the name of the justice, I have to sentence everyone here guilty of a fine of 50,000 rupiah (about US$5/=) as a city dweller, you let an old lady here steal for her family because of starvation.”
 The honourable judge then pass his hat around for the fine to be amass by everyone including the cassava park manager.
 Before the court dismissal, old grandma has been awarded a 3.5million rupiah fine.  The money is used to pay up her fine.  She went home with what’s left and was very touched with what has been done to her.

8) Dice your Life

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Lately, I read an article on newly wed Chinese couple born after the 80s.  They have innovated a special dice.  The shape does not defer much from the traditional rounded cube, rather of showing number 1-6 on the six-face dice, this one has daily activities like ‘laundry’, ‘cooking’, ‘wash dishes’, ‘buy groceries’, ‘run errand’, ‘staring blank’ etc. on the six-face dice.
The couple has to toss the die to decide their choice of house chore to be done for the day.  That’s a fair deal but it could be the starting of a nightmare for the husband.

It is a popular and trendy practice among the young couple.  Isn’t it an innovation, and creative idea used in an amazing way!

11) What is the difference between these 2 Sepak Takraw?

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The one on the left is meant for wheelchair user and made of rubber material.  The one on the right is a traditional Sepak Takraw ball that is made of rattan, thus it’s lighter and more bouncy.  Unlike the traditional Sepak Takraw, the rubberized one is less springy and it requires a bit more patience and determination to master the game.

Auti Angel is the “Dancebassador” of the Abilities Expo.  She is a wheelchair Hip-hop dancer and also the founder of Colours~N~Motion.  Participants from all ages and genders learn the dancing skill from her.

Physical disabilities don’t set a boundary within.  With the strength and determination to go beyond, dancing with free wings are the real heroes!

What sort of satisfaction and joy does one gain from sport?  A medal? An accomplishment?  Or just a simple game just for a simply joy?

Do you want to compete cycling with me?

Or barely go under the sky for an ocean of freedom?

7) A Day of a Honey Collector

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Spring and autumn is the honey collection season for Nepalese.  Nepalese have a hard task collecting honey as the comb it’s often bedded at the cliff.  The honey collectors risk their life in the deep forest at the Himalayan region for this daily task.  For fear of bee stink, they dangle themselves in mid air risking their life daily to exchange their 3 meals.
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Collectors make use of smokes and noises to chase the bees away from their comb.
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The giant Himalayan wild bees built their nest on the cliff a few hundreds meter above ground.
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Collectors make use of the self-made rope, and use a simple gear like a wooden stick to plug the comb down.  This is the time the bees started their attack to protect their boundary.  But the experienced collectors would stay calm and steady not to agitate the bees further.
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This is life in exchange, for a daily meal.