Sing “Singapore Sling”

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A bartender, Ngiam Tong Boon who worked in Raffles Hotel in 1915, created the Singapore Sling.  Since then, the recipe was so valuable to the extent that it has to be locked up in the safe of the hotel for many years.

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The frothy gin and juice based cocktail were combined with ingredients including gin, cherry liqueur, pineapple juice, lime juice, Cointreau, Dom Benedictine and Grenadine.  It’s shake up and end with a garnish of sliced pineapple topping with a cherry.

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Singapore Sling has gained international fame over the years.

 Actor, Johnny Depp acted in the movie ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’, mentioned Singapore Sling while meeting the attorney.

 The drink is pretty high in spirits content.  So, if you drink, don’t drive.  If you don’t drive, you can drive yourself to sing out Singapore Sling aloud!


‘Shiok’ Singapore

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Singapore Tourist Board made this short film to promote tourism in Singapore.  The word ‘Shiok’ literally means wonderful or fantastic.  It’s a broadly used local expression on something that you feel good or enjoyable about.

 Example, drinking a cool, icy drink on a hot weather can be ‘shiok’.

 A return from a wonderful trip is ‘shiok’.

 Taking steamboat in cold season can be ‘shiok’

 Having a nice cup of coffee in the morning can be ‘shiok’.

 For me, walking in the rain is ‘shiok’.

 So, what is your definition about ‘shiok’?

23) Song of Boxing Day

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I’m dreaming of a white musical box

Just like the ones I used to know

When the heaven door open

And babies listen

To hear sweet dreams in the bow

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I’m dreaming of a white post box

With every Christmas card you write

May your days be cherished and shine

And may all

Your Christmases be fine

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I’m dreaming of a white shoe’s box

Just like the ones I used to know

When your door got opened

And your toes listen

To hear my secrets in a row

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I’m dreaming of a white letter’s box

With every Christmas card I write

May your days be merry and bright

And may all

Your Christmases be white


46) We are all shouting out loud in IKEA

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ikea 01

We are not going to be like this dull fellow anymore.

ikea 03

I want to be a prosperous flowerpot, making your word and world upside down!

ikea 04

I want to be the up and coming Christmas super star, shining on your wall and ground

ikea 08

I want to be a dangling dancing cushion, making your home look smart and smitten!

ikea 06

I want to be a jelly cup, filling up rainbows in your stomach!

ikea 11

I want to be an Eco reindeer, waiting for Santa happy cheers!

ikea 05

I want to hang myself in a graceful way, leading you all the way to Christmas Day!

ikea 07

I want to clean your space with my creativity, as this is my duty.

ikea 10

We want to be the flag of IKEA, joining force to capture your heart!

ikea 09

And enjoy a colorful dream at dark!


Here you come, a brand new you after walking out from IKEA and after knowing us!

45) I lost my Christmas Tree this Christmas

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botanic 02

I asked a mangrove tree, he presented me with a creative idea in return.

botanic 03

I asked a poster, which told me the story of the forest.

botanic 06

Asked a tortoise, which told me it is not in the water.

botanic 05

Asked an autumn leaf, which told me it is not far away.

botanic 01

Asked the fern trees, they reply “aren’t we gorgeous enough?!”

botanic 10

Asked the restaurant staff, they showed me the Christmas set meal.

botanic 07

Asked a delicate flower, she said, “I am not a tree”.

botanic 09

Asked a mini-waterfall, he said, “I couldn’t hear you”.

botanic 08

Asked a cannon ball tree, he said, you could take me as the ornaments.

botanic 04

Asked an antique clock, he told me time is running out.

botanic 11

So, so, where is my Christmas tree?  Is it hidden with you somewhere?

I lost my Christmas tree….lost it in the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Friend (14) –Car Park Entrance Gate (Barriers) / 朋友(14)- 闸门

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In the eyes of others, this barrier looks like a fool, it jiggles its arm up and down whenever a vehicle comes up or goes down.  Its job is no fun at all and to some is wasting life after-all.

这小人物坚守一份小工作, 任劳任怨, 做起事来不闻不问,不问付出,不求收获,一整天只会抬头点头,举臂放下。它的唯一工作就是听从指示,不可以有意见,不可以有投诉。

Still, this little guy stick to his insignifficant work.  He is hard working, never ask for much, never ask for returns and is able to get things done in a different.  Day in day out, he jiggles his head and waggle his arms.  His only job is to follow directions. He doesn’t own his opinions or have his own grievances.


How can anyone do this, other than him?


Certainly there is!  These are machines without feelings.  Whether it is a computer on the table, the kitchen refrigerator, our 24/7 mobile phone, the comfort providing air-conditioner and so on.  Again, these are groups of hard working fools.


However, who will thank these fools?  Perhaps only fools will appreciate what these fools had done?


Indeed we need not thank them for what they done, the things we can do is to show a little gratefulness, a little cherishing and a little delighting.


By demonstrating, you feel more accommodating, less awful and that’s helpful way to stay youthful.