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Different types of Durian

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Here are different types of Durian shown above and some recommended below.

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D24 – Bittersweet in taste, with small seed and flesh in dark yellow color.

This is one of the most expensive varieties.

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XO – It has bitter taste and XO aftertaste. This is one of the most expensive among all.

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Hong Xia- (meaning red prawn) the flesh in the color of cooked prawn, thin and orangey, strong aroma.

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Mao Shan Wang- (meaning mountain cat king) the flesh that is firm on the outside, creamy on the inside. Having the most satisfying of all durians types, having said that, this is considered the best among all.

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Red, Orange meat- one of the rare varieties, fruits are very small and can be held by one palm. Both are considered as Wild Durians.

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Esplanade – The biggest Durian in the world

Wild growing Albizia tree

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Due to the fast growing speed, Albizia tree (Falcataria moluccana) has never been the roadside tree in Singapore. The trees were first grown in Singapore Botanic Gardens in 1870 and later shifted to waste ground where it start proliferate.

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Albizia is a can grow from sapling to a tree in 35 feet (10.7m) tall, within 13 months. The huge number of seeds in pods can multiply in the wild.

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Although, the tree is beautiful and widely spread like a green canopy. But the branches may prone to fall over the stormy rain, and cast a danger to the road users. Since then, Albizia tree has been out under Tree Conservation Area (TCA) due to it reality and practicality.

The ten common trees in Singapore

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Introduce 10 common trees in Singapore, wishing them shade you from the summer sun and bring you the joy of greenery.

rain tree 01Rain Tree

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yellow flame treeYellow Flame

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Senegal Mahogany

broad-leafed mahoganyBroad-leafed Mahogany

tembusu tree 01Tembusu Tree

sea apple 01Sea Apple

saga tree 01Saga Tree

trumpet tree (
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Trumpet Tree

Terminalia catappa - overall, unpruned in a stateland
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Sea Almond

Bukit Chermin Black and White Bungalow

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bukit chermin 03House no.30 Bukit Chermin Black and White Bungalow is the grandest and largest among the four houses on the Bukit Chermin Hill. Bukit Chermin meaning “Mirror Hill” in Malay.

bukit chermin 01Black and White Bungalows is a painted white house that built from 19th century until World War 2. It used to house European expatriate, colonial families in the colony times.

bukit chermin 02The style incorporated elements of Arts and Crafts and Art Deco movements as well as the need of wealthy expatriate families for airy and spacious family homes. Many of them have conserved by Authority, developed and converted it into residential and commercial usages.

Such an inviting Amphitheatre

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b amphitheatre 01Botanic Garden Amphitheatre is part of the unbeatable attraction in this national park of Singapore.  It is open to park visitors at all times but provides Orchestra occasionally.  This spaceship-like stage is sponsor by Shaw Foundation.  The curve lining of the roof is blend perfectly with charming wind and musical notes.

b amphitheatre 02Whenever there is a performance, audience from all places gather here with their family, sit on the lawn, under the wonderful fresh air and enjoy the pleasure of the sound of music.  Without any sound acoustic, playing music surrounding nature, this is the most original form of our heart beat!

b amphitheatre 04b amphitheatre 09The stage is surrounded with a waterlily pond, with beautiful flowers blooming all year round.

b amphitheatre 08Frederick Chopin is always there to be a musical inspirer and guidance.

So, why would you want to turn his invitation down!

Hi Heliconia!

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heliconia 01Heliconia, name derived from the Greek word Helikonios. It has over 200 species in single genus. The plant vibrant in color, grow well in Tropical region, is one of the composition of the Ginger Order. Let’s explore other creative and fun names beside the “Bird of Paradise”.

heliconia 02Sexy Pink

heliconia 03Surinam Gold

heliconia 04Dwarf Jamaican

heliconia 05Red-Yellow Gyro

heliconia 06Lobster Claw Two

heliconia 07Black Cherry

heliconia 08Jacquinii

1,2,3 of the Botanic Visitor Centre

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visitor centre 01One – I love the elegant clock tower given by Lady McNeice.  It provides a resting place for visitors and admirers like us.

visitor centre 02Two – The rows of ferns trees welcoming you with their pure clean color.

visitor centre 04Three – Looking up to the face of the fern tree, asking anyone of them if they can shade my shoulders.

visitor centre 03Four – The canon ball tree, asking him if someone is coming after me.

visitor centre 05Five – The mini waterfall that likes speaking to me in his own language.

visitor centre 06Lastly, the turtles are the ones that never turn me down.

Show yourself love, but not engraving love on me

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weeping tree 01

“Keep our trees healthy by not engraving on them!” There is a signboard written by National Park in Orchid Garden, Sinagpore Botanic Gardens. By keeping them growing healthily, a gentle reminder for public not to engrave anything on the tree.

weeping tree 02

This is Leptospermum Brachyandrum, commonly known as tea tree, weeping tea tree or silver princess etc. Graceful weeping habitual and distinctive aromatic scent are the delightful appearance of this lovely soft foliage.

weeping tree 03

This is one of the trees, couple likes to engrave with their heart on the tree body. So let’s start today, show love by care and not by engraving!

Arches of the Golden Shower

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goldern arches 02

These arches were cheerfully designed and display with massive Golden Shower Orchids.  Oncidium Goldiana is the first hybrid produced by Singapore Botanic Gardens’ orchid programme in 1939.

goldern arches 01

It has two common names, Golden Shower and Dancing Lady.

 goldern arches 03

The name, Golden Shower arises from the numerous blooming in striking yellow, looking like golden showers in a mass presentation.

goldern arches 04

The name, Dancing Lady arises from individual flower that looks like dancing lady dancing in her ballroom dress.

 goldern arches 05

 Anyone there would like to dance with her under the delightful arches, or just walk through and get showered by this vibrant flora?

A big bird cage in Orchid Garden

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bird cage 01

There is a bird cage-like green house in Orchid Garden, Singapore Botanic Gardens. It almost fully covers with lash green, and Orchids are the main actors in the cage. It is not very big in size but interesting in the concept.

bird cage 02

Before you step in and become part of the birdie in the cage, there are many different kinds of Orchid welcome you at the doorway.

bird cage 03

There is one fern tree right in the center of the core; act as a umbrella with a spreading arms, shading us from the sunny heat wave.

bird cage 04

He is wearing a sock; with a branded name Orchid Renanthera, also call the Singaporeans.

bird cage 05

bird cage 06

bird cage 07

And of course many other more, that belongs to the family of the Orchid Empire.