Day: December 22, 2012

16) Winter is the beginning of all season

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tong zhi 01

Today, is one of the twenty-four solar terms of the Chinese calender the “Winter Solstice“. The winter solstice is the beginning of the twenty-four solar terms in ancient times.  In Chinese belife, the Winter Solstice is greater than the Chinese Lunar New Year.


tong zhi 02

The arrival of the winter solstice, is floating in the festive atmosphere. You will see everyone gathering together for celebration.  It’s just like the western Christmas seasons, one celebrating with turkey, another with rice ball dumpling.


tong zhi 03

Rice ball dumpling, in additional to its shape of delegative round, it is wrapped with flour and stuffed with knead, lotus seed paste, peanuts, sesame etc.  The lightly sweet taste filled and warm the stomach in the winter.


tong zhi 05

This warm in the winter, fullfilled my stomach and warm my heart just like rejoicing the human race and traditional close relationship.  Just like the tree roots wrapped around the earth, it is the image of the extension to the traditional practices of intergenerational, how appropriate!


tong zhi 04

Today, is not  end of the world, is just the beginning of all seasons.  Let’s have the rice dumplings as wine and toast to our heart content, I wish all of you a wonderful festives, happy and healthy life all year round!