Day: December 14, 2012

41) We are non-ordinary buildings (Part 1)

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If you stand at the direction of the Merlion, over looking Marina Square, while enjoying the seascape of this city.  You may spot an animal-form building in the concrete forest.  Have a second look and see if the building resembles certain animal?

fengshui bldg 05

That is Marina Mandarin!  A hotel building with an exterior resembles an elephant with two flapping ears, a lowered trunk and a wide face.  In “Feng Shui” philosophy, elephant signify peace, steadiness and good fortune.  By placing this architectural edifice just a distant from Marina Bay, and having the best view of the waters, it is by nature a good “Feng Shui”?  Stay tune for the next building!
fengshui bldg 06
Take a close-up look at this special building from the concrete forest.
fengshui bldg 02
This is an elephant from its own habitat, are they alike?