Day: December 8, 2012

Friend (23) – Falling is Just Another Form of Dancing / 朋友- 跌倒又跳舞

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Road, it is born for us to tread on.  For a life time, we flatten and walk on it for countless time.  Yet, when it is uneven, we start to complain about it, and when we trip on it, we grumble on our own bad luck.
Yet, if you are lucky, you board the broad sunny way with pleasant scenery and you say, “well, I created my own road”.  Then, many a times, we step on mud, collide with stones, cross the tough Himalayas, go against the tide of the Atlantic.  And again, this is the time you started to question yourself on the road you are travelling.
The day I nearly slip and fell on a mossy floor along the corridor.  In the midst of panic, I felt I fell with a beautiful stance, and started to understand the fact that a fall can be swift, yet graceful and poise.
Life is filled with swiftly changes and it is a stage with ups and downs.  Rather than complaining it being slippery, why not help things along; have a dancing fall, slide out your steps with a spring, as Spring is not far away from us!