An eye for a rising sun

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rising sun 01

We can’t use our naked eyes to stare at the sun; but only a glimpse or a peep is good enough to charge up the battery for our daily usage.

A series of rising sun’s pictures dedicate to everybody who lived under the sun.

And wishing every one be well and hopeful like a rising sun!

rising sun 02

rising sun 03

rising sun 04

rising sun 05 rising sun 08

rising sun 07

rising sun 06

15) A bottle of Coke in you and me!

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moon cake 01

This traditional local branded bakery shop, is more than enough for you to explore their recipe for your entire life, not only the secret method to produce, but the persistency and the spirits of hardship.

Today, I passed by this bakery.  With a glance, I guess I have missed the lunch crowd and the Moon Cake festival.  Just like others, I like the moon cakes of this bakery.  This bakery may not be a favor with people who likes fanciful moon cakes, but to the local, we know he is someone standing on his own ground firmly, with pride and vision.  The good taste never changed!

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The shop was established in 1938.  Since then, the hands of this traditional bakery shop never stop its hand movement!  With original recipe and without preservations, the art passed down from one era to another.  Bake instantly with fresh ingredients, this is the slogan for every single cake lovers of our nation.

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During the Moon Cake Festive seasons, shoppers queue in rain and shine with paper carrier printed with the Chinese name on it.  If you have the cheek to ask them why not go for the fanciful cakes made of durians, birdnests, chocolate or even ice-cream!  I believe the answers are the same for sure!  “I love the traditional moon cakes”!

In fact, by looking at the long queue, it’s not hard to know they are not an ordinary celebrity, with fans from all ages and from every corner of our country.

moon cake 02

English: A Bottle of Mexican Coke.

Though Moon Cake Festival is over and a snowing Christmas with Santa is arriving soon, but I still think this is just like a bottle of Coke in you and me, with sweet memories and sense of belonging, deep down in our homeland.

13) Types of rainbows in the sky

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Primary rainbow
This is the most commonly seen in the sky.  It forms 40 to 42 degrees of anti solar point (an imaginary point opposite to the sun).  If there are smaller reflective droplets, only violet color will be visible.
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Secondary rainbow
A secondary rainbow cast outside or next to the primary rainbow.  It appears to be lighter than the primary.  It has a double reflections in the water droplet, also known as Alexanders Dark Band.
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Supernumerary rainbow
This is a special rainbow.  It needs interference of light rays of different wavelengths to be formed.  It appears on the inside of a primary rainbow and it is faint in color.  The faint pastel streaks of color also form outside the secondary rainbow though it is rare.
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Lunar rainbow
This rainbow is not form by sunlight but moonlight.  It appears on the Lunar month when the moon is nearly full, form by the light from the surface of the moon, reflecting in tiny droplets that cause the refraction and stream of color eventually.  It usually appears in a white faint bow on the outer rim of the moon.
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This particular rainbow is not formed by rain but fog.  This happens when water droplets are too tiny for light to pass through in the same manner as in a normal rainbow.  And when inadequate color dispersion of light takes place, it results in a white band known as white rainbow.
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“Ice Kacang” rainbow
 A local desert popular in Malaysia and SingaporeIce Kachang (Ice Beans) contains jelly, red beans, sweet corn and palm seeds, topped with shaved ice, condensed milk and Rainbow colored syrups.  Take this on hot weather will certainly put a rainbow smile on your face!

8) Moon Song / 月歌

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Partially eclipsed Moon rising over San Franci...
Partially eclipsed Moon rising over San Francisco. At this image the reason for the orange color of the Moon is due to the scattering of light by the atmosphere and not by the eclipse. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Lady Moon, is all your fault!
You should not have rivers connected to the sky
You should not have let the singer has such good voice
A desirable place we all look forward to
You should not release the wolves in the desert
To chase you to the end of the planet
You should not have unleash the vampires
You should not have gazed at the musicians
Eventually even those hard on hearing are also possessed
The melancholy poet and the mission painter
Portrait Ludwig van Beethoven when composing t...
Portrait Ludwig van Beethoven when composing the Missa Solemnis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
You should not climb the tree
Dress up looking so demure
You should not have climb up to the bow of the ship
Pretending to flee your township
You should not have appeared on the 15th of the Lunar Month
You let the crowd on earth busy hastening
You should not have people dancing around the fire just for you
You should not have people manufacturing pious products for your worship
You should not let the earth live and let live
Fixing my eyes on you
Till they lost their lives
Until they regained their life
English: Tree silhouette near Witham This tree...
English: Tree silhouette near Witham This tree with the moon behind was alone in a field of stubble. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A windmill overlooking a moonlit bay
A windmill overlooking a moonlit bay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)