Day: December 23, 2012

Friend (24) – No Doomsday but Dawn is here / 朋友- 末日早晨

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dawn 01

A thin layer of fog floating on the grass, just awaken.  That’s the face of nature’s pure, perfect face under the escort of the Divine.  No one can help not to give it a second glance…on the day after doomsday, on the morning after doomsday; a brand new morning!




dawn 03

Cool air and blue sky, accompanied by the sounds of insects hidden in the green grass, I rejoice with the miracles in my eyes and the warm in my heart.


dawn 06

Standing outside the fence, asking myself how often do I witness nature with his hazy eyes.  While eveyone is busy with the myth of the Apocalypse, the new day has gradually emerge, never deceptive, never turn up late with hesitation.  Giving everyone a fair day of his own.


dawn 04

How far you go with the 24-hour is up to you.  You can walk a distance with it and you can fly far with it.  Paint this canvas of the sky with your own colours, you may obtain your own rainbow or may not even sell it for a penny.


dawn 05

I am not fearful of the end of the world, I am more apprehensive when the world lost its sight of light.  Then, front with tract of the sunray, doesn’t it have enough to shoot through the doomsday?  We don’t even have to debate about it!