Day: December 30, 2012

24) What’s gone wrong with us?

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What’s gone wrong with you..?

You tear a person into pieces, leaving her soul unease.

Raped her by your gang wolves!

Slaughter her with no guild with blood and brazenness!

Hit her and throw her out of a moving bus!

Have you cherish the beautiful life around you..?

And do you know how lovely it is to chase each other around the coconut tree?

How entertaining Bollywood show can be?

And you did that in return, to tarnish all should have been!

For sure, she is not going to rest in peace!

It would be a joke, if they asked her to do so!

Is this a joke, if it’s going to happen to your family?

Will you still be laughing and kicking?

And what an irony!

She was offered a marriage in return to close the case!

She asked “What’s gone wrong with us?”

Before she tears off freely…with a shattered heart in agony.

In memory for the two victims gang raped by the locals in India, eventually one committed suicide and one died of serious injury in a Singapore Hospital.

My heart goes to the victims and the families.  It’s very sad and disheartening to see such crimes happening over and over again.