Hong Kong

I have made some wishes in Hong Kong

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May all forms of life in the universe be safe, happy,healthy and well taken care of.


May all beings in the air, on land, in the water be safe, happy, healthy and well taken care of.


May all beings be as happy as I am.


Be safe and protected from harm in 2015.


43) Please drop me a card this Christmas!

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pillar post box 01

You may be able to spot this pillar post box at the Fullerton Heritage Gallery at The Fullerton Hotel.  But these are the last two left since 1873, which were specially shipped from Great Britain.  These special pillar post boxes feature the EIIR (Elizabeth II Regina) British Royal Cipher on its door as symbol of the ruling monarchy at that time when the pillar post boxes were produced.

In 2001, the Fullerton Hotel has transformed himself from a General Post Office to a super star Hotel.  It was during that time that the post box was preserved as his iconic memories!

pillar post box 02

The other pillar post box is still serving the public outside Singapore Philatelic Museum.  It stands in front of the museum welcoming people from all over the world.

pillar post box 06

And this handsome guy in the Fullerton Hotel, is gladly asking if you would like to drop him a card this Christmas!

pillar post box 04

This FLOOR COMPASS shows you the direction to your destination.

Whether you are going Hong Kong or Saigon, it takes you over thousands of kilometers from this direction

pillar post box 03

Or you want the distant Cairo or the nearby Penang?

pillar post box 05

My home Sydney or neighbor Auckland?

42) We are non-ordinary buildings (Part 2)

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By courtesy of 123rf.com
Is a numerical figure prominent in this particular row of buildings?


A closer look can make one guess what the number is?  Though, the view might be block by some building beneath.

Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel

Yes, it is number 13.  This is on the exterior of Conrad Centennial Singapore.  The number 13 in Cantonese coincidently sounds like “实生”, and it means “sure to survive” or some interpret it as “sure to prosper”.  However, this could be tittle-tattle, the number 13 could have belonged to a Friday!