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Please don’t stunt by this intricate art piece by Egg Art Master Franc Grom, posted by Bear Tales

Bear Tales

Egg Art Master Franc Grom sells egg artwork by creating approximately 2,500 to 3,500 holes in each egg-shell. His intricate art inspired by traditional Slovenian designs. Drilling holes in egg shells would require an incredible amount of steady hand and patience and the effort has definite paid off with these beautiful creations.


“Grom, who lives in the small village of Stara Vrhnika near the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, only really took up his egg art when he retired.

He said: ‘Making Easter eggs is a Slovene tradition, but carving them is an exception – it was my invention.

‘The idea just came into my mind. I was trying to improve this Slovenian tradition by making extra holes in the shell, so the new holes could show new pictures.

‘During the day I work for as long as I can concentrate, taking a couple of breaks. The concentration is…

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A inspiring post by MamaSheri’sBlog, a sheep story; “It’s the miracle of friendship. Why is friendship a miracle? Cuz a friend loves you thru all your faults and doozies.”

22) A Tribute to the Dolphin

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English: Dolphin Show

Welcome to our homeland, my super star

Welcome to Sentosa Island

Welcome to your new ocean blue

Hugging your new kiddy fans

Dancing with your marine friends

Enjoy your lovely feast

Laughter in the air

Our kids willing to share

With their family joy and happy meal

Good to see your new home, my super star

You have come from a long way

My smiley honorable ambassador

By courtesy of
By courtesy of

Welcome back to your homeland, Wen Wen

Welcome back to Soloman Island

Welcome back to your ocean blue

Hugging your childhood friend

Back to your missile speed

Moon walking on the sea

Laughter in the air

Your dad is cheering for you

Your family joy and happy meal

Good to see you back home, Wen Wen

You have come from a long way

My honorable ambassador

Always a smile on your face

This post was inspired by a news article regarding Dolphins.  Wen Wen died suddenly less than an hour before the flight from Philippines to Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore.

Wen Wen is the third dolphin to die out of 27 which RWS acquired from the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific between 2008 and 2009.