Gratitude to our parents

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gratitude to our parents 01

The Buddha said, “ There are two persons to whom one can never adequately express one’s gratitude. They are our mother and father.” Our parents have made great sacrifices and took great pain to nurture us.

The Buddha said we should repay the kindness of our parents in 5 ways:

1)     By supporting them (just us they have supported us)

2)     By doing their duties

3)     By protecting the family property

4)     By preserve the family honour

5)     By dedicating the merits virtuous deeds to our deceased parents

Catch of the day

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catch of the day 01What is your catch of the day? My friend.

I don’t know! I don’t know!

Something I don’t wish to know!

catch of the day 02What is your catch of the day? My friend.

I don’t know! I don’t know!

Somebody please tell me where should I go?

catch of the day 03Hey! What is your catch of the day? My friends.

We don’t know! We don’t know!

We are trying our luck! Spending our time! Releasing our fishing line!

catch of the day 04What about you? What is your catch of the day? My friend.

I don’t know! I don’t know!

I’m watching them staring at air and river!

A mangrove river!

Singapore’s most popular dog breeds

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According to AVA (Agri-food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore) records, below are the tops 10 most popular dog breeds in Singapore.

pic11) Shih Tzu

pic32) Mixed breed such as Spoodle

pic53) Jack Russell Terrier

pic74) Maltese

pic95) Miniature Schnauzer

pic126) Golden Retrievers

 pic147) Chihuahua

pic168) Poodle

pic179) Labrador Retriever

pic2010) Pomeranian

unlisted 01West Highland White Terrier – unlisted

Why are white flowers more fragrant than others?

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white flower 02Did you notice why white color flowers gives out stronger fragrance than other colored flowers?

 Plants bear flowers for fruits and propagation.  It requires helps from external sources like insects and wind to pollinate.

 One way to invite insects is to cosmetic or beautify oneself so as to enhance the chances of visiting.

white flower 01Nature has its way for survivor and its objective to live.  White flowers present themselves by offering unique scent to potential visitors just like the strategy that applies to all beings.

 If you sight a frangipani flower wearing a pure white gown waving at you, please do not doubt its intention, it’s as pure as its scent!

Tanjong Rhu suspension footbridge

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tanjong rhu bridge 01Tanjong Rhu Bridge is the first suspension footbridge in Singapore. It was built in 1998, spanning across the Geylang River to ease the residents and footers for traveling between National Stadium and Tanjong Rhu estate.

tanjong rhu bridge 04It was built at the construction cost of S$5.1 million, its span 130m long and 4 m wide.

tanjong rhu bridge 03The bridge is suspended by 100 number of hangar cables that are 1 inch thick and attached to two main cables that are 4.5 inches thick.

tanjong rhu bridge 02The main cables are anchored to a huge 19m high “A” like frame that located at both ends of the footbridge.

tanjong rhu bridge 05If you travel along the Geylang River side, don’t forget to spend a visit to the iconic metal footbridge. You’ll never regret your riverside walk.

A calm river at Geylang

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kallang river 01Geylang River project is part of the Public Utility Board’s (PUB), Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) Programme.

This programme allows the river water to transform into clean water with vibrancy.

kallang river 02Kallang Basin is the merging point for Kallang, Geylang and Rochor River.  After 10 years of project cleaning up from 1977 to 1987, we must be thankful to the authority involved for the returns of the original face of the water body.

kallang river 03Now, both sides of the warehouse had been demolished.  It is left with trees, green and beautiful memories to make up the beautiful nature landscape of the riverbank.

Welcome to SPCA Gala Dinner

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spca gala dinner  01Hi all!

You are invited to come for the SPCA GALA DINNER!

Please dress up well, I mean your loveable pets and get ready for the big event!

All proceeds and donations will go towards the building of new SPCA premises.

Go get ready the Tuxedo and Cinderella dress!

Song of the Birdcage

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birdcage 01Welcome to my embossed birdcage

It’s engraved with scenery of ivory

Crafted with sweetness of memories

How can I hold it without sharing?

How can I keep a vow within?

So I wrote a song

I wrote a note

I wrote a Blogging post

Birds hear that!

But not wings near that!

birdcage 03 Welcome to my antique birdcage

No hanging price tags

No auction gag

Where do we find an old folks song?

When could we build a home sweet home?

Dancing in the wind

Dancing in the night

Dancing with cool red wine

Monkey hears that!

Monkey nears that!

birdcage 02Welcome to my empty birdcage

No more sorrowful songs

No more broken wings

No more contradicting feel of liberty

Where can I find him?

When can I fly with him?

He is not in the room

Not in Google map

Not on files piling up high desk

Can you see it?

Can you feel it?

That is our dream

Our birdie’s dream

Vesak Day

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vesak day 02

Know the enlightenment of this great man.

Understand the path he went through.

Understand his teachings with wisdom, and

Be mindful on this special day.

A tale of these two sculptures outside the temple

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1000 lights  temple 01

This is snake or a tail?  It is the tail of the tiger sculptures outside Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple.  Located at Race Course Road near Balestier Road, this temple was founded by a Thai monk, Venerable Vuttisara in 1927.  In those days, ramshackle zinc, wood shelter and a Buddha statue were the initial form.

1000 lights  temple 02

After gaining huge popularity and funded by philanthropist Aw Boon How and Aw Boon Par in 1930, the building was transformed into the grand present stage.

1000 lights  temple 03

The hall of the temple holds the 300 tonnes Buddha statue that was surrounded by hundreds of lights, which is why the temple was named after it (The Temple of 1,000 Lights).

1000 lights  temple 04

1000 lights  temple 05

1000 lights  temple 08

The philanthropist brothers, Aw Boon How and Aw Boon Par is the founders of the Tiger Balm Enterprise.  “How” in Chinese dialects represent tiger and “Par” represents leopard.  These two animal sculptures and motifs symbolize the spirit of the temple.

1000 lights  temple 07

The National Heritage Board earmarked the temple as a historic site in year 2000.