Day: January 1, 2013

4) Sydney is out for party throw again!

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 countdown party 02

Hello! Sydney is out for party fun again!

He is not coming back till mid- night, so here I am!  Another temp job filling up for this party freak!

He told me he take this 200th posts as serious as his final art piece.

Hope that I am doing a good job for ourselves.

I asked him, where is my Pizza?

And he kept throwing dews to me, asking me to stitch it up for you guys!

I am not going to do that, pals!

Hey, Folks! Do it yourself!

Collect it if you want to, you can make it like necklace or diamond ring!

Hurry up! Dress up for your party!

countdown party 09

countdown party 06

We are not alone!

countdown party 11

countdown party 08

countdown party 07

This is Sydney favorite, specially dedicated to all his Followers and Award nominators!

countdown party 10

countdown party 05

Wow! Sydney sometime is amazing!

countdown party 03

These are the collection of Hopes!

countdown party 12

Heavenly tears, he said.

countdown party 04

Surrender to the Sun!

countdown party 01

My job is done now, I better go back to my little cottage before the police send that drunkard home!

Lastly, my 2013 resolution will be same as Sydney, as for Sydney 2013 resolution will refer 2012.

All the best! Wish me luck!