Day: January 25, 2013

56) Leave your footprints behind

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leave foot print 02

When you visit Green Pavilion, Singapore Botanic Gardens, the easy environment not only keeps your mind free but the fresh air also leaves your lungs empowered with oxygen.  The footpath leading to the basement car park is as enticing.  The raw cement foot base is imprinted with bona fide leaves.  I believe it must have something to do with this charming and creative organization (owner of the park) that is much into biodiversity.

leave foot print 03

Personally, I love Raphis leaves a lot.  They’re always asking you for a dance with their swinging leaves.


The exotic Yam leaf with its broad shape reminds me of its undetachable relationship with the dew.  Not forgetting the yummy yam underneath the soil that provides aplenty of nutrients and nourishes our taste buds.

leave foot print 04

This fan palm looks exactly like the straw fan I am holding now!  Both have similar characters but different owners, but they are still standing green as eco-ambassadors.

leave foot print 01

Do stay a bit longer in a so-call un-expecting place in your next visit here.  Listen to their Hellos before you take a life up to the outer green!  Sometimes, your inner green is greener than others!

That is why I keep coming back to this little heaven; I just can’t get enough of it!