Day: January 28, 2013

57) A ride to Coney Island

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corney island 02

Pulau Serangoon, also known as Coney Island in Singapore.  It is a 45-hectare in size and located off the north-eastern coast of the Singapore mainland.  Back in about 30 years ago, you still be able to make your own way when the tide is low, as the closest distant to the shore is just about 100metres.  Fun seekers will just ignore this and have their fun in this sunny island.

Currently, the island is closed for future quality housing developments.  The only residents here are the coniferous trees and the breeze shuttling between trees.  While some visitors watch over the waters with approving admiration.

corney island 01

Coming in by Waterway@Punggol direction, a red-soil route welcome you like the red carpet.

corney island 03

Pine trees, ripples with the wide horizon make up an account for Coney Island beyond words.

corney island 04

A pavilion with an irregular arc comes with semi-open concept allows viewers to capture the beautiful scenery at the same time to hide away from the rain and sun.

corney island 06

The inner side of the arc, laid with reflective aluminum ceilings, mirror the bleeding red ground and turn him to a blush!

corney island 05

Rest enough for the day, let’s carry on with the red carpet trail and explore the next destination.