Day: January 22, 2013

18) Check you luck over here

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Sydney bump into a shopping complexNex” in Serangoon Central, saw twelve animals talking about their luck in 2013!

Sydney share with you.

Before listen to their conversation, please check your Birth year below and zoom into which animal you belongs to.

twelve animal year chart 01

Year of Rat

 rat 01

Year of Ox

ox 01

Year of Tiger

tiger 01

Year of Rabbit

rabbit 01

Year Of Dragon

dragon 01

Year of  Snake

snake 01

Year of Horse
horse 01
Year of Goat

goat 01

Year of Monkey

monkey 01

Year of Rooster

rooster 01

Year of Dog

dog 01

Year of  Pig

pig 01

Hope the resolution is fine to you! If you can’t see it clearly, this might be your another kind of luck too!

Sydney believes luck, is all in you!

And this is just a fairy tour!