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Two rare scene happen in one day Pt 2 – A moth

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moth 02

I saw a moth landed on the wall outside my apartment.  It’s about 10 inches in length from wing to wing and dark brown in color. I’m not sure it scientific name, a moth I could only call.  I’m fast enough to take a shot of it and stood still to see what is going to happen to it next.

 I’ve expected it to fly off as it may be terrified by the sound of my hand phone’s shutter.  But he chooses to stay.  Continue his calm flagging show, opening and closing his wings calmly in placid movement.

moth 01

Some believe moth came from darkness; symbolized bad luck.  While some believed they were incarnated from our pass away relatives.  When a person passed away, he’ll return home as a moth on the seventh day of his passing to visit his family.

 I’m not certain about the origin of this belief, but the appearance of this species does contribute some points of mystery.  It’s just like the bat and his loyal vampire fan.

moth 03

This is our rare meet-up, it has come to a point that I can’t bear to kick it away though it doesn’t look as charming as the butterfly.

 To me, this is a beautiful moment, we happened to meet up at this junction of life.  Though we were brought up in different world but we happened to be on the same path.  What can be more magical?

We are captains of our boat.  At this moment of time, we share the same wave, and an eternal one…

Two rare scene happen in one day Pt1 – Rainbow Bridge

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rare scene p1-02

I happen to look up the sky after a rainfall sun set, it wakes me up by a stun.  I saw a rainbow right above me!  It’s a primary rainbow, I believe.  Not a very contrasting one but it’s real.  I keep an eye on it trying hard not to blink my eyes…  It doesn’t make sense to others, they said after all it’s just a rainbow.  Nothing big deal!  To me, it’s big and larger than a mountain ‘cause it’s unpredictable and nature’s phenomenon.

 I got my bread and butter to go after, a desktop job enough for me to lay my head down for whole day.  The chances to raise up my head are equally low.  Rain is not rare in this tropical land, but to invite a sunbeam passing through the vapors and cast itself on a blue curtain sky at the same time to capture the eyes of its admirer is rare indeed!

rare scene p1-01

So in the end, I didn’t move my eyes away from the charming bridge just like not allowing the sun to go down on me.

Many a time, we appreciate a show for a while by adding enviable comments and move on with our journey.  But this time, I managed to finished the whole movie right from the beginning to the end, as I’m not sure when will be the next return.  It could take him a decade or one’s lifetime!  Considering that, I enjoyed the sweetness and the joy given by this heavenly arc.

 This is my first rare approach of the day; it’s charming enough to secure my other wishes…

19) The most creative and wonderful creatures

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I love watching both western and Asian ghost movies.  These movies don’t scare me out of my butt but cheers me up.  I’m not drawn by the scary costumes or distorted features but rather by the dramatic, or should I say the creative and elusive form of it.

I observe and make study about their special characteristic and the way they portray themselves.  They come out with different attributes as I conclude them as follows…

Note:  This is under PG(Parental Guidance) category.

ghost 01

Some take indoor sky diving as a hobby.

ghost 02

Some come knocking on your door after the Tsunami.

ghost 06

Some habitually crawl out to have fun with human.

ghost 04

Some never let his arms rest in peace.

ghost 05

Some had flop cosmetic surgery.

ghost 08

Some are as handsome as ‘Blood Pit’.

ghost 07

Some come and lure you in the form of sweet candy.

ghost 03

Some I strongly believe they have come a long way….

12) UFO or USO (unidentified submerged object)?

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Is this geometric composition done by UFO or USO?  Could it be even man-made?
None of the mentioned did it.  It is the puffer fish’s work of art.


Male puffer fish attracts the opposite sex by crafting this “mysterious circle”.  This art piece measuring about 6.5ft in diameter is eventually going to be their love nest.  According to scientist, the more ridges the circle contained, the more likely more female fishes will be attracted.


This amazing craftsmanship was discovered by a Japanese freelance underwater world photographer, in the semi-tropical region of Amami Oshima.


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2) The 5-Dollars Note Tree

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This Tembusu tree is located in Singapore Botanic Gardens, it is best known as The 5-dollars Note Tree.  It is believed that the tree was there well before the Gardens were laid out in1859.

Whenever you mention about a 5-dollars note, almost everyone in the nation will relate the sweet and joyful story about the tree.  Kids and adults find it irresistible to park themselves on the lower part of the broad branch and taking photos with this chivalrous tree is a familiar task to most of us.

The branch of the tree grown wide and as it is politely lowered with not more than 6 inches before it touches the ground.

As years go by, the wise turn wiser, the old turn older.  Crutches may have become the evidence of a wisdom man.
Now, the gracious wise tree has been conserved by the National Parks under the Heritage Trees Scheme.