Day: January 29, 2013

58) Building makes way to this tree

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building tree 02

This Panaga Laut tree is one of the Heritage trees in Singapore Botanic Gardens.  This species grow on sandy beaches and lowland forests.  It is widely spread over from East Africa to West Pacific.  You can find their footprints in Singapore too.

building tree 01

This tree is slow growing and has low and massive branches with a broad, dense crown.  Different part of the body can be made into traditional medicine.

building tree 03

This tree has home itself there for over 100 years.  The design of the building, Botany Centre has take into consideration the need to preserve this precious tree.  Walk ways were made narrow to accommodate the large spreading root of this tree.  The second floor void was created to allow tree branches to be retained.

Isn’t it a good way to show respect to nature?