Day: January 13, 2013

18) My three fragrant friends better than my perfume

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my three fragrance friends 01

This Laksa leaf (polygonum odoratum) is one of the strong flavored among herb-plant species.  Traditionally, it is a must to enhance laksa with it.  Topping with this leaf makes this Singapore/Malaysia curry soup more wonderfully complete!  Local delight “cereal crab” comes with these amazing leaves upgrade your taste bud to another level.

 This is another popular fragrant herb, popularly found in Vietnamese spring rolls, salads and their local cuisine.  In Thailand, most of their cuisine can’t do away with this well-liked fragrant plant, it is eaten raw or with spicy dips.

my three fragrance friends 02

This is Lemon grass (cymbopogon citratus).  When we mention about Thai curry or soups, we have to tag him along as well.  The slender leaves with hairy and sharp edges, gives off a refreshing lemony fragrance one can’t forget.  Lower parts of the stems are more commonly used in cooking or making drinks.  It is commonly used in Vietnamese salads and spring rolls too.

my three fragrance friends 03

This is Mugwort (artemisia vulgaris), commonly used in Japan/Korea for their festive rice cake.  It gives the rice a greenish green.  Aromatic mugwort are used as a cheaper alternative for tobacco too.  It was used as a magical agent, protecting traveler against evil spirits and harmful animals in the Middle Ages.  It is also an insect repellent, repelling insects like moth.

 For some, these herbs are better than their perfume!