Day: January 4, 2013

51) Throw up your New Year resolutions

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reserve bungy 01

Who dare to “Bungy” your New Year resolution in this way?

reserve bungy 02

Get ready! And wish you all the best!

reserve bungy 03

Smoke gets in your eyes!

reserve bungy 04

One more time for stage effect!

reserve bungy 05

And let’s go and let it go!

reserve bungy 06

Up, up to the sky! (1st bounce)

reserve bungy 07

Up, up swing, can’t hear your scream! (2nd bounce)

reserve bungy 08

Down.. down again, hear you now! (3rd bounce)

reserve bungy 09

Did you regret it or you like the thrills and spills? (4th bounce)

reserve bungy 10

Come for Reverse Bungy in Singapore.

reserve bungy 11

At the bank of Singapore River in Clark Quay, forget about the muddy water and the gloomy sky.

reserve bungy 12

It is near the colorful MICA building, you can also follow the sound of people screaming to find it.

Make your reservations at this cart and make your resolution in the air!