Day: January 15, 2013

19) Few steps to CNY

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apprch CNY 01

Wooden clogs are versatile shoes appear in and out of your house in olden days.  I remember during my childhood, I saw my mother wearing it into the toilet to do the laundry.  Another pair is placed outside the corridor, she wear that to do her gardening.

 It is also part of street hawkers’ attire in those days.  So it’s hard to miss out the “clark, clark, clark” sound throughout the busy food street.

 Wooden clogs are uncommon these days.  But as the scent of Lunar New Year gets closer, I realize I need a pair of wooden clog for this festive season.  Traditionally, it signifies “步步高升” literally means “higher steps” for the prosperous year ahead.

apprch CNY 02

This pair is meant for the ladies.  The shape resembles a woman’s perfect measurement!  In the past, it is common footwear for housewives to walk down the street doing bargains with their marketing or sometimes chasing their kids with a cane with it!

apprch CNY 05

The male version comes with broader shape.  It is not only domestic footwear for hawkers or coffee shop baristas, it is also ideal footwear for wearers to alert their movement with the sounds it created.

apprch CNY 04

apprch CNY 03

I shall dedicate these two pairs of wooden clogs to all fellow Bloggers and Followers.

Wishing all taking their steps higher and higher, with good health and a very prosperous Lunar New Year!