Day: January 23, 2013

29) All these are happening in my Secret Garden

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my garden 03

When spring arrives and visits my Secret Garden this morning.  I am enchanted as it sprinkles his hand to fertile us.

Some may take it one at a time.

my garden 02

Some may take a bigger share and keep it for rainy days.

my garden 05

Some may not be able to catch it on time.

my garden 06

Some can’t even feel it at all.

my garden 04

 Some sobbed and are moved by the divine touch.

my garden 08

Some are just glad with their given portion.

my garden 07

Some are overflow with it.

my garden 01

Some stick out their neck day and night begging for the mercy of nature.

Yelling out, “Here, here, we are here!”

Then, they are stretching out each and every day, taller and taller, higher and higher!

All these are happening in my Secret Garden.